Pensacola FL, pick da best one!


old thread hit 1000 posts so here’s the new one

as of this post, our scene is pretty much all marvel players and since umvc3 we’ve grown quite a bit player wise.

We do have a bit of a tekken scene with 1 pretty good player in town and some other players in neighboring cities about an hour away.

if anyone is interested in coming down to play and you’re close, pensacola can offer pretty good competition in marvel.

I’m kind of the ambassador around here so if you’re trying to get ANY game going, send me a PM and let me know whats up. Even if its for other games, I can point you in the right direction.

(puff puff pass)


Yeah. Hey Uria, I just moved to the Fort Walton Beach area. I would be interested in getting in some games. I play SSF4AE mostly but I am starting to learn Marvel, and I’m interested in getting into KOFXIII. PM me if you want to getting in some matches sometime.


I know of these guys:

AFAIK they’re mostly Marvel players though.


How many years for the old one to finish? I’m calling 2018 for the next.


Hey guys, I go to Pensacola often. I’m in the FWB area.
Hit me up for some casuals, I play all games.


Hey fellas, sorry I’ve been slacking majorly on SRK (no thanks to borderlands 2)
I live up in the FWB area and I play all fighting games (some I suck at, like Marvel).


hahaha, I don’t even want to know. 3 or 4 years? 2018 sounds like beastly guess though lol


Any Pensacola tournaments going on ?


I know it’s a long drive but I hope some of you guys can make it up to ATK next weekend. If you need a place to crash hit up the event page and we’ll take care of you!


What happened to PCOLA!? It’s been dead around here since the gulf breeze tournaments…Sad shape the scene is in around here for sure.


We should be starting up a tournament series here again soon. The scene isn’t dead - we still play casuals in Marvel regularly. As soon as I get a date solidified I will post up the next tournament here. Stay tuned.


Just a quick reminder that Mobile, AL tournament is this Saturday! Come out and support the scene. Hope to see you guys!


Anyone in Pensacola play Injustice? I have a couple of friends who play but we’re looking for more competition. I’m back here for the summer, but I heard the only thing you guys play here is UMVC3.


Anyone here play 3s or AE regularly? Can we start up some weekly shit? I’m down for other games but I’m ass at everything else.


Any SSF4AE players out in the panhandle? I’m in need of some practice.

I’m in the Fort Walton Beach area.


Do yall got a facebook page, most communities I know go there now. Anyway I wanna learn Kof13. Other than that I quit SF4 and play ST and A2 as Shoult knows. Still here in Panama City.


YOOOOOOOOOOOO Jeff, I got stationed in Florida. Everyone else, I’m in Pensacola for the next six months, need some people to play offline with.


what up homie. Yea we got a FB page. search for gulf coast encounters on FB, i’ll get someone to add you to it later.


what games do you play? we’re mainly marvel out here but we play other games too


I’m an SF4 player.