Pensacola FL, pick da best one!


What happened to PCOLA!? It’s been dead around here since the gulf breeze tournaments…Sad shape the scene is in around here for sure.


We should be starting up a tournament series here again soon. The scene isn’t dead - we still play casuals in Marvel regularly. As soon as I get a date solidified I will post up the next tournament here. Stay tuned.


Just a quick reminder that Mobile, AL tournament is this Saturday! Come out and support the scene. Hope to see you guys!


Anyone in Pensacola play Injustice? I have a couple of friends who play but we’re looking for more competition. I’m back here for the summer, but I heard the only thing you guys play here is UMVC3.


Anyone here play 3s or AE regularly? Can we start up some weekly shit? I’m down for other games but I’m ass at everything else.


Any SSF4AE players out in the panhandle? I’m in need of some practice.

I’m in the Fort Walton Beach area.


Do yall got a facebook page, most communities I know go there now. Anyway I wanna learn Kof13. Other than that I quit SF4 and play ST and A2 as Shoult knows. Still here in Panama City.


YOOOOOOOOOOOO Jeff, I got stationed in Florida. Everyone else, I’m in Pensacola for the next six months, need some people to play offline with.


what up homie. Yea we got a FB page. search for gulf coast encounters on FB, i’ll get someone to add you to it later.


what games do you play? we’re mainly marvel out here but we play other games too


I’m an SF4 player.


did you join our FB group yet? we’ve been playing more sf4 in anticipation for ultra

join the group and i’ll hit you up on the days we play. We usually play twice a week locally.


Hey all, I am pretty new to the fighting game scene as far as playing but I’ve been involved in spectating, helping run events, etc. for a while. I just moved to Destin, FL from Chicago a few months ago and was hoping to find some friends to train with and level up.

sh0ultz I just requested to join the facebook group you posted, I am more than willing to come play with you guys!

If any of you guys want to add me on Xbox, GT: Kross So SicK

Always down to play.

I play AE, UMvC3, KoFXIII and I like playing MvC origins and MvC2 for fun.


DeucEy, I just moved to Panama City Beach a few months ago. I play AE mostly. If you want to add me on XBL gamertag is multiSemiSkilld.


Ok for those that have called the hotel to reserve the normal double bed rooms under the FR17 group rate $93(normally $120) and there are sold out so let me see if I can get some more rooms added! I TOLD Y’ALL THEY WOULD START GOING FAST! Give me some time and i’ll call the hotel tomorrow morning to try and get more hotel rooms open for the FR17 group. If I can get more rooms added to the group you better reserve them when you can! We are probably going to book the whole hotel full of FR17 peeps! Also be advised that all rooms under the FR group rate will receive free wifi throughout your stay at FR17!

“As of right now only rooms available online for the FR discounted rate are the following:”

1 king bed = $93 per night- normally $119
2 double bed executive floor= $119 per night- normally $150
1 king bed executive floor= $113 per night- normally $150
1 king junior suite= $133 per night-normally $245 ask Tray “Iceman” because this is what they tried to charge him per night without the FR group rate!"

If I can gets some more rooms make sure you grab them at

There’s only 18 days until online registration is closed so you need to get that badge asap to save $10 on your badges. Register online for FINAL ROUND XVII and save $10 off the badge. Go to to sign up for the games/badges so we can make pools well in advance.


Shit Luken sup, Im still in PC. Ill be a final round. Im gonna add that facebook page now, itll be jeff hill.


I play a lil AE sorta quit awhile ago, but I have been going to tournies since I was 13 (28 now) and live in PC. I have every game ever. PM me.


Do people still play out here? I just moved to the area.




Weekly tournament held at beef o brady’s in downtown, tuesdays starts at ~7:30.
Check the Gulf Coasts Encounters group on FB if you have one.
If you show up ask for Tyler he runs the brackets