"Penta Mod" ? Is this a thing yet?


Hey guys, if this has been discussed in another thread, my apologies, but I’m curious if a method has been found to mod a joystick with both current and next gen consoles w pc as well.
I’m trying to find the most reasonable way of having one stick for PS3-360-PC-XB1-PS4.
I’m assuming the 1st step would be grabbing a Qanba to have the initial dual mod out of the way, but does anyone have insight on how to get the rest this done?

My modding skills begin and end at changing art and buttons, so… yeah


Yes a 5 way multi-mod is possible. With the Ideals behind dual-modding, you can theoretically add as many PCBs as you want to a stick.
Eventually you hit a limit as the collected total of PCBs will require more power than the system wants to give out.

A Qanba or PS360+ PCB will provide your PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, So all you need is a XB1 PCB and a PS4 PCB, which si actually a trimod.
You need to tie all of your signals to each board, power and ground. Just the Data - and Data + lines are keep separate.

You also need some sport of switch to select what PCB you want. in a typical Dual mod this would be a Double pole double throw switch or a v2 Imp.

Way I see it you need 2 sets of switches, one to select the new or lag gen PCBs, and for the next gen PCB which one of those are selected.


PS360+ with XBOne pad via Crossbone adaptor. Should take care of PS3, XBox 360, XBox One, PC and PS4 once the update is released.


Ah cool. I’ll get my KI TE this week and i still have my very first TE lying around so i could connect those 2 pcbs in my new KI stick and use it for Xbone, 360 and PC?

Would be awesome since Ultra is around the corner and i wanna use my new stick then.


If you’re getting a TE2, you’re going to wait for the TE Crossbone edition to come out. Without that, you aren’t going to be able to easily dual mod it with a PS360+ because the TE2 board is not common ground. TE Crossbone makes that happen as a common ground bridge between the TE2 board and the PS360+.


Yeah, if you already have a TE2 then the only pcb’s you’ll need are the PS360+ and the TE2 Crossbone by phreakazoid.