Pentagon Demands Better Ray Guns


[Build Us a Better Ray Gun, Pentagon Pleads | Danger Room |](

I have yet to ever see a REAL laser in my life, even in a picture or a video :frowning:

not including pen lasers and shit like that.

…they’re naming em after Pokemon??

i also laugh at them calling em “Ray” guns, like its the 50’s or something.


Heat-seeking missiles = Team Rocket.


Red-White-And-Blue Laser (I hear its called the Medusa Laser), I choose you

5,000,000,000 gigawatt beam of light attack, NOW

Seriously, Canada is using shit we unwrap from from the condiment stand at KFC, and the S-Tier Americans are getting mad because their lasers aren’t pwning enough.

nerf that shit


All they have to do is go to their super secret storage facility and dig up Tesla’s teleforce “death ray” plans that they stole after he died. :slight_smile:


[media=youtube]d8hlj4EbdsE"]Metal Storm should talk to [URL=“”[/media]


Magnetron, the evolution of the pokemon, Magneton.


somebody needs to tell the pentagon to wait for it to respawn