Penutbutter Super Crunch>>>>Creamy







It’s all going to end up being more expensive very shortly:


Good thing I went to Sam’s Club and stocked up on paint can sized peanut butter.

I like my peanut better.


Creamy peanut butter is bullshit.

I’ve held my tongue on this issue for entirely too long.


Mah Nigga.


captain crunch’s peanut butter crunch and peanut butter cheerios…



Fuck this shit. I’m allergic to peanuts…


Darwinism. Soon, you’ll be unable to ingest gluten.


throws a chair

C.R.E.A.M. :mad:



The word “FUCK” and “SHIT” is inappropriate. Please don’t post it again

-Johnulson Jeff


CRUNCHY! Creamy’s for soft ass fool with baby teeth.


don’t say “ASS”

I already warned you once, if yo usaw it again ill get an admin to ban you


The only time a man can proudly accept nuts in his mouth without a “no homo”(old school) is with Crunchy PB.

What is creamy son? You’re too old to handle the crunch?


Natty Peanut butter > Hydrogenated Oil Butter


Peanut butter tries to molest the roof of your mouth.

No thank you.


The power of crunchy peanut butter is amplified thricefold by adding whole peanuts to the mix, especially when you are eating a sandwich. Try it; you won’t go back to wholenutless.

Whole pistachios and other nuts work too if you’re feeling fancy.

We should extend this conversation into what types of sandwiches go best with peanut butter. I like a nice peanut butter and honey sandwich myself.


Not just Crunchy Peanut Butter but Extra Crunch peanut butter. Creamy is for pussies and women.


no versus threads


Smooth tastes better. I like the gooeyness of the interaction between smooth peanutbutter and jam. It’s just not the same with crunchy.