Peope cry too much on XBL

I’m not going to say that I am even good at this game, but I do OK when fighting people online. I use blanka a lot and I make damn good use of his bite. Any time they leave themselves open, I bite. If they sit there blocking my pokes, I bite.

I’ll use any open chance to throw to punish. This obviously drives people up the wall to the point where they scream “You have no skill”, “Do something else” and all that noise. They always claim the game was not meant for throws, but I completely disagree. I think tick throwing and punishing is one of the main focuses of the game.

Am I wrong?

Is it me or XBL ppl just suck compared to PSN ppl? I finally went back to XBL today because I bought a used Hori EX from a fellow SRKer and I played a few ranked matches on XBL and I found the quality just isn’t there compare to PSN. Now I am slightly regretting building my custom joystick (already spent over $100 on parts alone) for the XBL.

I am not here to brag how good I am. Matter of fact I suck compare to most SRKer but I just don’t find ppl on XBL as good as ppl on PSN.

Just my 2 cents.

PS. I am going to give XBL few more tries if I continue to see this level of playing I will only play on PSN.

everyone cries about online games

me especially.

the reason people complain about strategies you use is usually because they are working and effective, so you should keep doing them

The only time I’ll throw is when someone is turtling (I main Boxer) or if they’re down to a sliver of health but stuff like repeated -> throw round after round gets old really quick. Back in the arcade days ('91-'95) I remember there being a gentleman’s rule about throw abuse (note I said abuse, not use)… I also remember seeing someone getting a broken nose from repeated tick throw loops.

if a throw wins the match, then do it. this fucking code of conduct system is really getting on my nerves. there is no such thing as abusing anything in street fighter. if you find a weakness if your opponents game, you exploit it plain and simple. when your opponent hands you his head on a silver platter by not being able to get out of a throw, or by putting himself in such a disadvantageous position to be thrown in the first place, why should you not seize the chance?

don’t ever listen to people telling you your tactics are cheap. so fucking stupid.

Throwing is not wrong, but remember that people’s reversals aren’t coming out as well online as off, so SOME of the complaints are possibly because they’re attempting to do a dragon punch motion and a button press in one frame that may not work due to ping variations, while you’re simply walking up to them and pressing a button, especially given Blank’s throw range as compared to a lot of people. So what they’re attempting to do takes a lot more skill than what you’re doing, especially since offline, they might just be pulling those off.

Still, throws aren’t only “fair,” they’re a very important part of the game, and nobody should complain because you’re throwing.

i cry about everything

i woke up crying this morning, bawled through breakfast, cried a little while i brushed my teeth, and spent most of the day weeping softly

^^HIlarious!! Thank you, that made my day. I was laughing so hard, I started crying. LOL

I dunno. I think there is plenty of good comp on XBL. Can’t speak for PSN because I don’t own a PS3.

GGs today. You and deaded by panda were fun to play.


you’re absolutely right, glad you have a level head here. if you know they’re going to attempt a throw, it really doesn’t matter what strength reversal comes out. reguardless of lag (unless you’re playing someone with a ping over or around 200), if you piano properly you still give yourself 6 chances for a reversal. on top of that, if you’re playing online you should naturally be used to the few frames of input lag. if players abide by this honor code of no cheap throwing, they’re also throwing away the mindgame of baiting reversals. take the game in as a whole, it’ll only make you a better player while everyone else maintains this handicap of not being able to deal with throws.

Lol. One room flipped out as soon as I picked Blanka. I didn’t even get to start playing before they were cussing me.

I like getting thrown, because it means I’m not playing a faggot.

Attitudes about throws are an evolution:

#1: You never use throws because it’s “dishonorable”.
#2: You taste defeat from someone who uses nothing but throws (Blanka bites, Boxer/Ken traps, Noogies), and you either revert to #1 or you try to implement throws into your game.
#3: You learn to implement throws into your game and think you’re the man, until an expert player shows you there’s more to the game than throwing.
#4: You master your characters, spacing and strategy, and reach the highest of understanding. Congratulations, you’re an expert!
#5: As an expert, you discover that unblockable Raging Demons and stored ochio throws are BS, and throws are broken.
#6: You never use throws because it’s “dishonorable”.

The end. :wonder:

how did this turn from XBL is full of scrubs to tick throws are the FUCKING SHIT! ?

i’m pretty sure claw is gay.

i mean wtf he’s pink and wears tights

he’s not gay, he just likes to look gorgeous.

He has a great throw trick for annoying players who aren’t that good yet but who can tech:

  1. Throw, instantly jump over your opponent (Vega’s throw is obviously lightning quick)
  2. Opponent techs, so they do that little hop which holds them still for a fraction of a second
  3. Throw him again from behind, jump over the other side and repeat until your opponent learns to get out of the way or ragequits.

Superfabulous fun, particularly when playing a poor shoto who can’t quite get the SRKs out and end up whiffing a fierce uppercut while you casually and slightly homosexually throw them again.


I think PSN players are older by average, because the machine is more expensive and these days less straightforward to pick and to play online with. That would mean that the chances are higher you get an experienced 2D fighter before you, instead of a kid pondering about his first wet dream.

Furthermore the achievement system on Xbox makes people gay. I visited a friend who had HD Remix and the only thing he wanted to do was Single Player laming to get his shiny medals. C’mon. These people must be really frustrated playing good players.

I’ve found a lot of decent to strong players on Xbox Live. Just put people on SRK on your friends list. There’s solid players I’ve found and put on my list who don’t even post on SRK. I main Blanka (play him like 97 percent of the time online) and rarely get hate messages. Mainly because I try to find better players to play with and I’ve honestly been playing too long to care what people think about online play since it’s really not that serious any ways.

The people who complain about tick throws online would complain about them offline too and are just not looking to play at a higher level of SF. The same people who complain about tich ochio and tick SPD with Zangief.

Best way to find good players is to put them on your friends list. Ranked matches don’t allow you to see who you’re playing against so it’s hard to tell the good players from the crap ones. Sometimes you’ll get days where you play nothing but crap players but every now and then I get solid ones. I only play ranking matches cuz they’re not glitchy. I know enough of the good players on SRK so I can find good players just by going in and out of player matches and seeing who’s in the room. Pretty much everytime I go on I’ll find someone from SRK (even people I don’t have on my friends list) and have good games with them.