Peope cry too much on XBL

I’ve not met a single Honda that ochio ticked me, but if someone tick SPDs me it’s because I’ve let Gief in and that’s definitely my fault anyway!

Yeah, nothing wrong with stored Oicho in the hands of Ol Honda. After all, he is a sumo wrestler, you’d think he’d be a good grab character.

hey martynpie - I’d be glad to play you…'clear that not being tick oicho’d problem right up for you!

I’m west coast US, so it’ll have some lag since you’re in the UK, but I have decent games with UK players, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Feel free to add me my good man, I’m always up for a good beating - it’s the only way to learn :wink:


Here’s a new one…throwin is immature

It’s not the platform. PEople cry regardless. The difference is that MS pushes the mikes and Sony does not, so far more XBOX players use mikes compared to PSN.

I throw every time I get the opportunity and I’ve yet to receive as much as a peep out of anyone. In fact, I find it odd how few people use the voice chat in this game. Almost 90% or more of the matches I’ve played have been completely devoid of any player chatter. Also, I’ve never gotten any hate mail messages after a match. Clearly, I’m not throwing enough then

throw loops definitely make you a hate mail target. I remember for the last round of a match using boxer i kept walking underneath some fei long player and i tick headbutted him with cr. jab. It was pretty hilarious to hear him yell into the mic OHMIGOD DUDE YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME. FUCK OFF. STOP IT YOU RAPIST.

What if he was talking to himself. :wonder:

Throws are not cheap. If they were, they wouldnt be part of the game…whoever says this is very gay…

As far as the comp goes from XBL to PSN, the PSN comp is GARBAGE. I have yet to play anyone on PSN that is remotely good. XBL gives me a run for my money and has more top players on there than PSN.

i got a bunch of negative rep for tick throwing with boxer, and with dhalsim. me and this other guy had a boxer mirror match and we both just headbutted each other. i thought it was hilarious.

Ryu and Ken scrubs are the worst. They seem to think, just because they can spam shoryuken and fly around everywhere with tastumaki’s, that they’re invinicible.

They’re my favorite kind of scrub to beat, but also the most annoying. Ken’s seem to be worse than Ryu as they spam shoryuken like no tommorow

As been said in most of the previous post the only poeple that cry about throws are SCRUBS the better player more than likely say say good mix up or are counter the throw or not even allowing you to get that close without a counter strat ready. I am not the best but I have played some hella good players on xbox live. Some srkers, some avaerage joes that are beastly. I have heard that psn has good player just that xbl has most of the high srkers on it.

I notice inconsistency on XBL if anything. There will be one instance where I play against an opponent clearly way out of my league as he wipes my Cammy game on the floor… to where I’ll play a push over who clearly thinks jumping hard kick with Ryu will win fights.

The players on PSN are more consistent though and definitely above average, but I don’t really find too many outstanding players on there either, but I don’t find many piss poor players either.

I bet it has to do with the game pad set ups. PSN guys have a decent D-pad right out of the box, 360 guys are stuck with trying to have to play with what they got. I highly doubt that a large population on either platforms have a decent arcade stick, so if it’s 360 pad players vs PS3 Pad players, I might be that the PS3 pad players have a slightly better game.

Didn’t X-Box 360 sell a bajillion more copies than the PS3? I’d factor in a higher ratio of people just learning the game and casual players on the 360.

Maybe the bad Xbox players are actually European, as PSN has no Europe release yet :wink:
Might not be surprised that average Euro level is way lower then American or Asian. I didnt even know this game was played at a high level. We (Belgium at least) dont have any arcades anymore since Super SF2. I never saw a ST version in arcade.

Do you mind if I add you to my friends list as well? I’m just starting up and I need a good Honda to practice against with my Guile.

i usually run into more good players on psn, however i only play on psn every once in a while seeing as the ps3 controller is really unfamiliar to me. XBL just has a boatload of scrubs with good players hiding among them

I play on X-box, and anytime i’m able to consistenly do anything against someone, whether it be throwing, or the same combo over and over again, i get a message with someone complaining I have no skill and im terrible, where in reality, would i do the same thing if the opponent was skilled enough to figure out how to stop it? Whether its a throw trap, or just a 3 hit crossup combo. If you have a shitty opponent that cant stop it, why would you turn away from it?

I’m not exactly great at this game, maybe slightly better than average judging by the win/loss ratio. I get my fair share of whiners as well, and I derive such pleasure from playing against them. If I’m in a shitty mood or something I’ll pick Balrog and wait for some fools to start cursing me out over the headbutts.:rofl: It lifts the spirits.

But what I always find hilarious though are those who’ll shit-talk or complain about something and turns out to be a close match, down to the fifth round. Sometimes I’ll win, sometimes I’ll lose, but either way I’ll toss out a heartfelt good game over the mic and their mood flips a 180 and switches from being an asshole to apologizing about being an asshole or acting like a decent human being for those last few seconds before we’re disconnected after the win pose. I’ll even get a friends request once in a while after those matches. Totally crazy.:looney: Anyone else run into these kind of folks?

y’all 360 players need to stop crying about the crying and appreciate the hate. I be beasting on nubs all day on PSN and I’ve never gotten a single piece of hate mail. I know they have to get pissed about getting stuck in the corner against t. hawk, why wont they express their hate and atleast call me a *** or something? :sad: