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So in a desperate attempt to finally play some people online who are not Ken and Ryu players I made a post asking people to maybe drop off their gamer tag so I could get some more exposure to other characters in the game. Then I started to think that there actually may be more people out there like myself that are not getting any exposure to any other characters. So I figured I would make this thread so that people can start to maybe hook up online if they can’t make it to the events at Preppys, The Dojo, and other stuff like that. Could also be a good way for new to the scene players such as myself to meet some people and start to get involved into the scene. So I am going to compile a list of people who leave their gamer tag and character to hopefully make it easier to find people to play. I feel this would be helpful for people trying to make an appearance but are afraid of getting destroyed in person, because I know it really helped when Mandel schooled me 25 - 0 it actually made me way less nervous when I went to Cole’s because I knew what to expect and I knew that if everyone there was down to help someone like Mandel was then those were the people I wanted to know.

(it is particularly hard for me to make it to these events because I live in Ellensburg and I am paying for college so usually as soon as I get a paycheck it is spent)


Abel: Nale Douville - wenzelsaurus - Island Spiice - xSixDemonBagx

Akuma: b0kkin (0=Zero) - antihero SRK - Ic3N1n3 - MysticCubistic - onewheelm0t10n - Jurassic Mike - Tha Deezo - ChiliPeppers13

Balrog: magneticseven - wenzelsaurus - snoavang - jimmythesaint2 - Ghrrk - xSixDemonBagx - dkn29 - Jurassic Mike - Tha Deezo - ChiliPeppers13

Blanka: DeLUCIFER - jalapNo - snoavang - xSixDemonBagx

C.Viper:BroomZerg - Frankdadank1 - landersauce - gl0ckmatic - julius blaze - MysticCubistic - Bmckay -

Cammy: HeavyD853 - FuriousJodo - xSixDemonBagx - Tha Deezo

Chun Li:Airdash - BlazeXFreeman - Ghrrk - Tha Deezo - MMOlch

Dan:Airdash - hWnd - Jurassic Mike - MMOlch

Dhalsim: awesome jones - Airdash - Bmckay


El Fuerte: FuriousJodo - MysticCubistic - BlazeXFreeman

Fei Long: Airdash

Gen: Metal Health420

Gouken: Jameswalton101 - Jurassic Mike

Guile:Airdash - jimmythesaint2

Ken:Airdash - HeavyD853 - Jurassic Mike

M.Bison: Frankdadank1 - daigo sanchez - siebass - wenzelsaurus - julius blaze - snoavang - Island Spiice - xSixDemonBagx - Bmckay - Tha Deezo - ChiliPeppers13


Rufus: magneticseven - Ic3N1n3 - daigo sanchez - snoavang - dkn29

Ryu: Nale Douville - BroomZerg - antihero SRK - tepid00 - HeavyD853 - wenzelsaurus - snoavang - MysticCubistic - daleanth0ny (0 in anthony is a zero) - Jurassic Mike - Tha Deezo

Sagat:Airdash - Metal Health420 - snoavang - JamMastaJeff - Ghrrk - Airdash - Tha Deezo

Sakura:Airdash - BlazeXFreeman - Tha Deezo

Seth: jalapNo - Ghrrk - Bmckay

Vega: JamMastaJeff - Tha Deezo

Zangief: daigo sanchez - Baklakilller - xSixDemonBagx - thaima1shu



Akuma: jy0shi

Balrog:snoavang - jimmythesaint1 - K3RV1N_LAU

Blanka: crashx99 - duckzero - snoavang - KidQuikMD - K3RV1N_LAU

C.Viper: happy_stick

Cammy: HeavyD853 - FuriousJodo - Zafo999

Chun Li:



E.Honda: K3RV1N_LAU

El Fuerte: FuriousJodo

Fei Long: Damn-u-got-OWNED


Gouken: Damn-u-got-OWNED - Zafo999

Guile: KidQuikMD - jimmythesaint1

Ken: HeavyD853

M.Bison:vintagekid - snoavang - Zafo999 - K3RV1N_LAU


Rufus: snoavang

Ryu: HeavyD853 - snoavang - tepid - Zafo999

Sagat: snoavang - happy_stick

Sakura: Hyper_Inferno

Seth:vintagekid - ShinWHO

Vega:Originalkdawg - Hyper_Inferno - K3RV1N_LAU

Zangief:rcaido - thaima1shu



Hi I play C.Viper and a bit of Ryu… Anyone feel free to challenge me ANYTIME i am on xbl because the only reason im on is to play SF4 and searching for matches in Championship or Player match is really boring


I play Gouken. My xbox gamer tag is Jameswalton101.


Ryu and Akuma

GT is antihero SRK


Dhalsim, mainly. And various other character if i feel like it… which I rarely do. :smile:

GT: awesome jones


GT: Frankdadank1

Character(s): Main M. Bison, alt C. Viper (which is who I’m mainly playing online as of right now…till I get pissed off.)


GT: magneticseven

Chars: Scrub Rufus, Scrub Balrog. …not to be confused with Rufus and Balrog, as those characters can actually be played quite well in other people’s hands. :rofl:


I play blanka. My gamertag I’d DeLUCIFER. Message me whenever I’m online and we can get some games in. I’m new to the scene too.


I’m a Blanka player, but I’m only on PSN. I’ve got two names, crashx99 and duckzero! I’ll be on later today!




Rufus, and I started playing Akuma.

<— (dont have PS3 SFIV tho)





<=== viper


You can throw me down as Playing Blanka.

I’m working on about 3-4 more characters to build that gamesense.


<— Zangief, Rufus, Dictator


Main : Bison, Second: Seth


PSN Claw


Chun Li:

I’ll play all these fools. Though Sakura and Chun are hard to play online.


i have a ps3 and sf4 but its not hooked up. i dont play at home. i play once a week, usually at a gathering or at gameworks when i get 3 games in. but if you do see me online, jy0shi: i play honda. oops wrong top knot. i play akuma


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