People are getting better at lagging match then at game

It get’s kind of funny when half the matches you play people are using lag to there own advantage .IN the beginning it was easy to spot they jump in turn on lag they wiff ultra lag ,But now people are using real technique with lag playing normal matches till a crucial moment in the match then using to save there ass .I come to the conclusion that it has to be two people committing these acts but why.Is there satisfaction in knowingly cheating how do you feel you won when have to share the victory with the guy that helped you lag.YOU AR NOT HELPING YOURSELF by playing in this manner, if your serious about this game you see a huge difference in playing online or in person its not as forgiving as online get better at the game not the lag

:wonder: This could have easily been posted in the [Bad Games Thread]. No need to make a thread complaining about players who probably don’t even post here… dood.