People are now getting high off of bath salt


What is the world coming to?


Mother fuckers are just sniffing everything that is white. I wonder what they think of next.

You nasty! I know what you thought of!


I don’t need to read the article to figure out what they’re talking about but it finally made the news. These “bath salts” has been investigated for awhile now. It’s abused mainly in Europe and it’s an actual drug disguised as bath salt. Anyone can order it online.


i’ll stick to huffing my melted vinyl records, thank you very much

oh, and the main article is gone


Yeah this was on the news a few weeks back. I couldn’t help but laugh as I smoked some potpouri.


lmao what the fuck o.o


People are dumb.


theres something like that going on in the netherlands as well. a lot of coke sniffers are now sniffing speed (both bad for you, cept speed is way worse, much cheaper, longer high, meaning its for broke bitches).


lol perfect. Some dudes i know smoke POTpouri or spice. These dudes are stupid as fuck though.



Let’s get salty.


I read about some kids a while back in Florida who were shitting in paper bags, letting the bag sit in the hot sun for a few hours, then coming back to it and smell it to get high. People will do crazy things to get high.

A guy a few years my junior in high school, used to get high from huffing or smelling exhaust, he killed himself by injecting himself with fabric softener trying to get high.

When I want to get high, I do it legally by spinning as fast as I can in my chair at home.


But it’s such a short high man.

So what happens if you take like three pounds of these ‘bath salts’, dump them in a tub, fill it with hot water, and bathe in the steam?


Exfoliation and skin nourishment. What else?


That shit scares me man. Such a strange high but it will fuck you up if you get the right one(that is the more expensive ones).

Now I really am curious as to what would happen if someone actually used this shit as regular bathing salts.


Bath and Body Works stock is about to skyrocket.


Uh no. These guys manufacture actual drugs and sell them as retail products. Bath and Body Works don’t do that shit.


That’s what I get for skimming through the story. My bad.


Better than Butt Hash, I guess.