People are racist pricks


So this is mostly a rant thread and I’m tipsy but goddamn man people are so fucking racist in Quebec its insane.

Not to brag but I’m pretty popular with women and a lot of times I get hit on without doing anything.

Anyway today this woman comes to me starts talking and then shes like my name is Virginia whats your name? And I tell her my name (I’m arabic lol) so as soon as she hears it, bitch leaves faster than the fucking flash. I mean wow wtf when did people become so fucking racist. Especially in Quebec. Even in the states I don’t this kind of reaction lol.

/end rant


That’s life sometimes you gotta deal with shit you don’t agree with and not make a thread about it.


(What? You’re Arabic?! [/triggered] [/dialing 911 to call the FBI immediately about our northern border])

What Davidstar said. Not that this type of stuff doesn’t suck, but this isn’t exactly news of any sort outside of a single incident that personally happened to you. Just…vent in the Lounge next time or something if you really need to.

That said, I’m otherwise mostly surprised that you were surprised. Isn’t Quebec basically globally known as being full of assholes, even with as stereotypically polite as the rest of Canada gets portrayed? Hell, I’ve heard fellow Canadians bad-mouth Quebec quite a bit and, honestly, it seems justified given ever single incident hear about there; I guess that’s what happens the French part of “French-Canadian” gets emphasized.


Cool story bro


I think I’m just noticing it more as I’ve recently got a job that makes me travel around the world and everyone has been so nice compared to what I call “home”. I knew it was bad but not as much as I thought.


So…she liked how you looked, but the thought of you being muslim based on your name was enough to turn her off? lol

Well fuck the bitch then.

I’ll tell you a story to make you feel better. So I’m a brownie and I have a thick beard and I tie my du-rag like a turban because I hate the ponytail thing that hangs in the back (gots to keep dem waves laid). So I was on a flight to London a few weeks back and I sat in first class, the way those white ppl had a look of shock and awe at this (something) that was sitting up there with them. Quite amusing.

Moral of the story, racist people dont deserve any kind of thought or consideration.


She was afraid you where gonna gang rape her with your buddies, and then keep her locked in a house.

Sorry bro, check your privlage



Just because he’s Arabic doesn’t mean he’s a Muslim you racist fuck.


She wasn’t racist. She knew instantly you were there to blow the place up in the name of Allah. Bomb vest a dead giveaway my jihadist bruv.


You should see how people react when they see me eat bacon and drink like a pirate.


It’s not necessarily racism. There are religious constraints. I had to dump chicks because they weren’t Jewish and I’m not even religious. It is possible she was Jewish and regardless if two people like each other or not if you have relatives that are religious it can become a persistent problem.

Would be nice if all religous bs could just be eradicated.


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I didnt have to even click play to know what this was R.I.P Bernie


She was 100% french canadian. Surprisingly enough, jews here are actually pretty approachable.

French canadians hate everyone lol.

I have no idea why you would dump someone because shes not jewish though. What difference does it make.


Maybe she thought you had an explosive personality.


zoolander (midget india version of the movie star like a bollywood z-tier movie)s
favorite black ppl joke is what sonichabeebs name means

or so sonichabeeb says his name means back under no filters

He’s not going to tell you what his name “means” now.


There’s definitely more to this story. If she was racist she wouldn’t of approached you at all. Maybe when you spoke she didn’t like your teeth or your breath was kicking


Nope that’s the whole story. I was sitting having a drink and she came in talked to me a bit. She gave me a “cheers” as I was drinking. She introduced herself and as soon as I said my name her smile disappeared, did a 180 and left. It’s kinda hard to tell I’m Arab because I look more like a mulatto.

This shit happened to my boy two nights before too.


Change name from Muhammed to Jesus. No more racism.


I rather keep my arabic name as it will filter dumb people from my life lol