People keep jumping at me in SFxT and idk what to do

Please help

what’s your character?

Crouching fierce that shit.

It’s usually like jab jab jump jab jab jump jab jab throw

Nina and Ryu. When I crouch heavy punch with Nina she moves a little forward and I whiff. I always tried DP with Ryu, maybe crouching heavy punch is a good idea.

Also I don’t mean to be vague, I’m just really bad so I don’t know what you guys need to know.

If you play Steve…you just gotta deal with it.

c.hp or far standing hk with Ryu.

Sounds like a shit character

He doesn’t always play fighting games, but when he does, he asks for help on SRK.


and if cr.HP doesn’t work out for you (heaven forbid), SHORYUKEN!

He is.


Block is your only option half of the time. Not like you can side step it let alone why they jump so high in the first place.

Oh my god what is the timing for teching throws god damn

You can take a joke, you’ll fit in just fine. :sunglasses:

Quit playing fighting games.

Jin’s cr.HP is spectacularly inconsistent. I’m talking ‘double-take’ reactions when I eat an air attack or trade hits when I know I timed it. I know nerfing anti-air was a big thing but dammit I want anything that looks like anti-air at least to work that way.

It does force more air-to-air attacks as an anti-air alternative, and with the juggle system - it seems like the better deal.

Yeah I’ve reached my peak a few hours in, I should stop

The timing for teching throws in SFxTK is 12 frames, 2 frames bigger than SF4. That is a pretty long window, just practice a little bit in training mode. Set the dummy to walk a little throw, jab then throw, jab, jab then throw, jump in jab jab then throw etc. Feel the rhythm, and remember to tech throws effectively you need to pay attention to what your opponent does, reaction will come with time and experience, but if you feel them in a match these will come much easier.

jump at them.