People keep talking about patching guile

We all know Guile can’t connect anything after FK + FADC
We know he’s in the lower tier list and is underpowered…

But then I keep hearing Guile will/should be patched, but would they even release anymore patches to improve upon Guile’s gameplay? I don’t think Guile will be patched =( This is his limitations IMO, having doubts there would be any upcoming patches for character balances…

Theres no way they’ll change anything. Just cross your fingers and wait for sf4 dash

Being able to connect the ultra off of something would be nice. Also, a little more health or stun.

He should be even, 1000/1000 on health and stun, though the extra 50 stun I don’t think is going to make or break his game.

I’d certainly like to see FK invincibility frames, being able to cancel moves off his and c.fp, giving his faster startup frames (maybe able to link it off a c.lp) and/or more range.


I don’t think there is a way to connect Guile’s Ultra expect Super-> Ultra juggles, but the damage ain’t worth the effort.

Ohh… c.fp>fk would be the f*cking tits… all I know is for as skilled as Guile players have to be to win with his current limitations, ANY upgrade is going to be bad news for other characters (provided they don’t do the insane thing and upgrade A and B tier characters anymore…). When I think of all the matches I could’ve taken with even the smallest tweak in his abilities… sigh.

Well I mean, there’s … very little “balance” reasons to NOT let him cancel from his crouching fierce or forward. But hey, for all I know they tested it like hell and it was outrageously powerful shrug.