People need now a invitation to be able to register on this site?

why did you guys implemented such a system and how can i invite other people?

to prevent the bots

go to your profile page and you can invite people.

thx for the info.

hmm so people who dont know anyone here on the forum will have
barely a chance to register on this page. is this a temporary thing?
with sf5 coming “soong” you might want to reconsider this restriction
so that the new people who will get flushed in might be able to be part
of this community. offer at least a way so that people can contact
you directly so that you know its not a bot.

there is also the Shoryuken group on Steam.
You can receive invitations both for the group and the forum from there

Finally I was able to join the forum about an hour ago. It took me some time to figure out how to register. About two or three weeks ago I even sent an E-Mail to asking for help with the registration. Unfortunately I never received an answer.

Joining this site is quite difficult if you don’t know anyone here. Luckily I found help in a fighting game group on steam and finally got an invitation :slight_smile:

see. thats what i talk about.
someone who want to join this forum shouldnt have to struggle to do so
as noatok did.

a lot of people will just give up and move on…but hey, its your side guys.
when you dont care about fresh blood then so be it…

…and this site shouldn’t have to struggle with huge amounts of bot spam every morning.

If you know of a way to solve the spambot problem in that this forum can have open registration…fell free to contribute.

What about using a CAPTCHA system or something?

Isn’t that supposed to be used to stop bots from signing up? It seems tedious for the newbies to have to ask others for an invite IMO

i am in a bunch of forums some smaller some much bigger then this one and none of em has this
restriction or this issue with so much bots. how does it come that its here such a problem?

my registration is some time ago so i dont remember how exactly it worked.
does it had some captcha stuff and email confirmation to “prevent” bots?

i mean that dude above seemed to even mailed them to get access to the forum and when not
even that work out you dont have to be a rocket science to see that something goes wrong.

We will open it back up when SF5 launches, but Captcha cant catch all the bot spammers at the moment. :tup:

Pay to play system, imo. Pay to register. That makes it easy, controls spam bots, reduces the amount of banned accounts re-registering, and makes it so people who REALLY wanna post go through.

I could see pay to register causing much more serious potential problems than the ones it would be solving.

How? And don’t use poverty as an excuse. You poverty monsters can save up $10 if you really wanna post on SRK. You can still read it for free.

i paid five whole american dollars to register for srk don’t tell me my thread is in the wrong forum

Nah man, that’s not where I was going with that. I’m just referring to SRK’s expenses/headache with regards to operating, securing, and possibly insuring it. I doubt the revenue drummed up by charging to register here would cover the expense it incurs. Maybe I’m wrong? Not a lot of pay-gated forums seem to be big internet destinations though.

Absolutely zero has to change.