People need to learn how to READ

I’ve been playing the endless battle mode for about 2 hours now, with the title of the lobby being “Random Select”

that should mean, everyone who joins, understands that they should go random, yet nobody, not one person in 2 hours has gone random, i dont understand…

They probably think that YOU’RE on random select.

With that said, you can’t really expect to be able to control who random strangers in your room pick when they enter it, nor should you expect to.

I’ve experienced a lot of miscommunication/misunderstandings as well. Sometimes when you leave an endless lobby, people assume you “rage quit” out. The best way to deal with this is by sending a nice explanation to the person. I tell them I gotta go or something, and they understand. In your case, you could ask them nicely to choose random select. I am sure there would be many who would be happy to comply, the others are free to leave and find lobbies that agree with their terms.


Although I do think it is good when both opponents choose random, but to get that you have to be more explicit in the naming I would say like “please choose random char only”

At first I thought this thread was going to bash newer players for not being able to anti-air opponents properly and you were jumping in on them all day. My mistake. Honestly you cannot expect any type of “honor” or “rule” system to be in place online. No one follows it, and unless you’re the host there’s no way to control it. If you’re the one making it, immediately boot whoever doesn’t choose random and leave it at that.

just kick them. I do beginners welcome and 6000pp people join and I kick them. problem solved. no one is going to do random but you. unless you get some friends and agree on it.

if people were to join and read that and understand what you want… they would just join a different room or body you for fun.

i know i would.