People On Drugs Thread

Mother of god, chill dude!
i’m gonna / (friend) your bitch? / ohhhh buddy you were the most amazing bitch of all time! yeah! / (friend) sam pots? / yeah sam pots / i love you / i wanna make your babies into fuckin little fuckin candice worms with fuckin / little bernassi who i was thinking of somebody else / i forgot her name wtf’s her name / or that cat bitch one of those other girls who chill at the grove / and i don’t even know and all / i don’t know where the fuck you came from yo / wtf you fuckin trip me out motherfucker / you wanna piece of me? / (illegible) / alalallalalala / WOO!

TO MANY E’S (the music/visual combination is priceless!)

Post vids of people on drugs… preferably funny shit