People pissed at Halle Berry for considering her daughter to be black

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s custody battle: ‘I feel Nahla’s black’ | Mail Online

whether you agree with her or not this woman has some serious issues, lol.

In the article she says she believes in the one-drop theory.

lmao I remember that shit

Also Natalie Portman pregnant? Did not know she had somebody…

that’s the first I’ve heard of the One Drop Theory.

Still, this shit is sad. Can we stop being black and white please? I mean, we really have NO clue how ugly our ancestry gets, and I can understand a dude being proud of his heritage, but wtf u gonna do in the future when your black son marries a half asian half spanish chick, and they have a daughter, who goes on to marry a half israeli half muslim man.

Can’t we all just agree that she’s at least one-half dumb and hot?

Maybe the gay part of SRK can qualify the other half?

As I see it.

Why do people give a shit? Let that lady identify her child as she sees fit, when she’s old enough she’ll choose what she identifies as herself.

True, but I’m sure some mixed people are pissed off too.

Honestly, if you look black, IMO you are black. I’ve already had this discussion with my wife (she’s white and we have a mixed boy on the way). It has nothing to do with being proud of your heritage and everything to do with how people will automatically percieve you on sight. Its why I refuse to give my kids ‘black names’ - I don’t want that held against them when they try to get a job. We can play it down all we want, but unfortunatly the ‘masses’ still look down on black folks in some shape or form ‘on site’ (I’m not saying they arne’t open to true first impressin but you already start a leg down).

So if hte kid even looks black…then the kid is IMO black. Hell halle herself is mixed…but she’s black.

And this only holds true for negatively viewed upon ethnicities. Hispanics that have predominatly white features? I don’t care what they are considred - the prejudices don’t hold the same water.

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Halle always struck me as a loon. One of the most beautiful celebrities on Earth shouldn’t have trouble staying locked down if everything was normal.

True words. I mainly came in this thread just to see who her baby daddy is.

Wait, why is Halle getting put on blast? That dude sounds like a total douche.

He’s back! :woot:

What is truly sad in this, is that she’s applying a slaver’s “not good enough to be white” rule to her own daughter.

That one drop shit was expressly racist against blacks, specifically against miscegenation of whites and blacks.



This is the 21st Century.

Aren’t we, as humans, a little far along to be playing Spy vs Spy: Melanin Edition?

As I see it.

Yeah, that also ties into the post about interracial dating/marriage racism I posted about in the relationships thread (lol) a bit back.

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the accusations about the father blowing up at Halle referring to the child as black was true.

Same thing with Tiger woods.

Nigga trying to say he isn’t black. Banging those becky’s was even more proof .

So people get held back from a job just because their name is Lamarcus, Deshawn, Tyrone, Leroy, Laquasha, Ne Ne, or Jerome? I’ve never heard of that to happening to anyone I know, but it’s likely.

Yea… Name your daughter Shanaenae Bonquisha (Insert last name here)

See what happens.

That child will never truly be accepted by blacks or whites, you have your groups who will say she’s not black enough, groups who will say your black, your a ****** now go away. The police will group her with us, welcome to the usa, it will never change, ever. Racism is like aids, it’s not going anywhere.

You serious? I have heard first hand from supervisors/managers that they automatically skip over names like that.

Shout outs to the one drop rule.

Never heard of the One-Drop Theory until now, but :lol: at that shit.

I guess black history and the times of jim crow didn’t pop up in school.

Where the hell do those kinds of names come from anyway?