People rage quit on my Seth all the time

If I start a player game and I’m playing Seth, I’ll be lucky if they play a second match with me. It doesn’t even seem to matter if I win or lose, they almost always leave.

Something about how I play Seth must be really annoying to people because they always send me messages telling me “u suk fagat!”.

Does anyone else get this? And how should we master this awesome psychological tool? Mwahahahah!!

Well first of all those people are wrong. Sagat is the only Fagat. Secondly, that’s hilarious. What characters do you usually play against? Do you counterpick them or just always pick first?

I believe alot of people think Seth is over powered or that no one should play with him because he is the boss. However, they fell to realise that Seth isn’t as over powered as they make him out to be. That he has been heavily nerfed from his arcade counterpart and has the worse stamina and vitality then any other character in the. He realise on pure skill and I dare say a little luck in order to obtain a victory. Like a high level player said to me today. “Played correctly, Seth is unbeatable!” I think there is no real way to play Seth correctly, but to play him to win.

I for one love playing seth… His damage is awful and all you need to do is hit him twice for half his bar to go down. But yeah maybe you give people too many awful memorys of playing arcade mode… relapse moment?

I’ve had two people leave during character select as soon as I pick Seth. Its really annoying. I’m not even that good with him.

Yeah i’ve gotten the occasional hate mail when i play seth or even sim. Someone seriously called me a pussy for zoning with seth against gief.

If you’re playing him right, then Seth is very hard to get in on. I understand how this can be very frustrating for new players that don’t realize what they’re doing wrong and just seem to understand that they can’t get any hits in.

I used get this ALOT. 2 games of Seth and they leave. Sometimes it’s better to start off with another character and then switch to Seth later. Good players don’t up and leave though, and most people who leave aren’t worth your time anyway.

At the Michigan tourney this weekend, some people still thought he was banned and their PS3 setup didn’t even have him unlocked.

All the more reason for people to pick him up and let everyone know what’s good…

Is there anybody that plays late at night maybe from about 11PM and on, Pacific time that maybe we could play?

I ask because I’m so busy and truly have NO time whatsoever except late at night. I love Seth and want to get good but the fact is…I’m terrible with him. lol

I need practice badly. Anybody willing to get there win ration beefed up and have their self esteem go up by beating somebody multiple times over, just let me know and we will set up a private room and play!!

PM me around May when I get back home from school.

LOL, a player with 6000+ BP thought it would funny to scare me off with Seth. Nope, connecting Gen’s super to ultra did him some.

It’s easy to rage-pull on Seth and his 5 minute long ultra sequence… happened to me 3 times tonight within an hour. Sucks cuz I can’t show photographic evidence of the D/c with Seth’s giant yin-yang taking up the whole screen.

join the club, every seth player knows this by now.

GUARANTEED hate mail…

9 out of 10 fights I win are disconnects.

hell it wouldnt be a stretch to say all my wins are disconnects lol, thats how insane this epidemic is. no one is willing to give up points to a seth.

and everyone is pissed they can beat him.

I read the title as all the kung-fu time haha.

People don’t seem to leave at a higher rate for me, but then I use Abel as my main so when people are getting wake up thrown they leave early anyway.

I was letting my friend play player matches and he kept losing. I finally took the controller and started beating the kid (judging by the voice) with Seth. My friends and I could hear him through the speakers cussing me out saying things like, “OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you needed to play as the last boss to beat me! OH MY GOD!”

I feel so bad tonight after rushing down regular joe players with Seth and sending out “lol” messages to those who disconnect in player match. I think 3 players added me to their block list.:rofl:

getting whooped by seth prob brings back all the memories of losing to him in arcade mode lol… but honestly seth is annoying as hell to play against when played right… hes far from cheap though tbh cuz he dishes dmg and takes dmg like a little girl

now…if he hit like sagat and had health of gief… might be a totally different story haha

He would be godly. xD

So… I was playing a Honda yesterday, and I lost the first round because I tried to get my mixups going. That headbutt does crazy damage. So the next two rounds all I did was lp sonic boom, walk backwards, and walljump->headstomp over when he got close. He couldn’t get close enough to me to do damage, and I ended up winning the last round by time over. I actually felt kinda bad for the guy, because I was thinking that Seth’s fireball trap is just too good on Honda. He has to psychic jump from up close to get in or focus absorb a fireball and dash in, and those are both bad options.