People still living at home (into their 20s and 30s and...)


So, I was using the Internet for its intended purpose just now- looking for people who are worse off than me, to make myself feel beter- when I stumbled across this video:


Now, I’m guessing this is an ad for some religious dating site or something, I don’t care- I can’t be arsed to spend the 11 seconds it would take me to find out. But what struck me as odd was the two highest-rated comments:

This isn’t a thread to bash people who still live with their parents into their 30s, but you have to understand, that shit blows my mind. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m biased here, since I was out of the house at 18- not even by choice, but it turned out to be for the best.

Is it a cultural thing? A geographical thing? Like, if you live in Hong Kong or Singapore and it’s super-crowded and thus it’s super-expensive to get your own place…OK. Maybe I buy that. But, even then, no roommates? Do you not see a value in having your own place?

Help me understand.


idk living at home sucks i don’t really see how you can think anything else unless you have like the whole floor to yourself or something…maybe it’s not that bad if you never went away to school or lived by yourself, but if so shit is garbage.


Everyone’s parents are different. I moved out at 18 for college, moved back in for a year after college, and then left for good, but it wasn’t something I felt I had to do. Sometimes I wish I could just move back in with my parents for a couple of months to save up a couple grand before moving back out, so I can’t really blame the 30somethings still doing just that.


It’s a cultural thing. It’s very normal sometimes for Asians to live at home but it’s understood that when you get your job and move out you let your parents live with you and you take care of them.


it sucks living at home but the pros outweigh the cons. sucks having to rent a room when you have a chick that lives with her parents as well


I couldn’t fathom moving back in with my folks. My parents just got my little brother out of the house, and I’d rather deal drugs than take away their well-deserved retirement from raising children.


well im 21 and i live with my parents but its only until i leave for the army next month. i have lived on my own and i can relate to what the guy said about being able to afford the shitty apartment itself but not being able to do anything besides that and in my opinion, thats not living at all. thats just being miserable 24/7 but having a place to stay while you feel that way. i did the roommate thing once and it didnt work out. for one i couldnt do anything except buy groceries and pay bills and then i couldnt get along with my roommate at all and it was my cousin at that. thats when i realized i need my own place. mind you i never had the money to go college so i was stuck with the shitty jobs so that would also add to the equation. my parents let me come back only if i had a job and wasnt laying around all day which i gladly complied with. the way i see it if you are in college and/or working a job, its nothing wrong with being at home with your parents but if you are make sure you are stacking your money up so you can live good once you decide to venture out on your own for real.


i have a friend who is 35 and still lives at home (and he has a good job!). Then he bitches to all the people who live on their own about how we don’t ever have tons of money to go have fun with. And he tells me how living at home is no different then being on ur own, just cuz he has bills. FFS, he’s never had to buy toilet paper, or cups/utensils/plates/etc, or any of that shit.

I moved out on my own when I was 17. I ain’t saying there’s a cutoff where you have to move out, but seriously, 30 and living at home is fucking SAD


In NY even the shittiest apartments run 1200 a month and unless you’re dorming or have your parents pay your rent (a friend has his dad paying 600 a month so lucky) living by yourself is one of the worst decisions you can make if you’re still in school and in this economy lots of people going back to school or staying in school longer to get masters, or whatever other degree.

It simply isn’t logical to move out until you’re done with school and/or wealthy enough to support yourself decently unless you’re fine with living off a 12 pack of ramen:rofl: Most people aren’t able to support themselves financially until there late 20’s so yeah if you’re not out by 30 you’re either a lazy momma’s boy lucky enough to have parents who support you at that age or have had some crisis that hurt your wallet. I’m 22 will be done with school soon then law or film school 3-4 years and after that I plan to move out but not before (unless I land a job that pays well enough of course.)

It sucks having to basically be a slave to my mom but as long as I prove my usefulness she won’t kick me out and I don’t know anyone at 22 who has enough money to live comfortably on their own I imagine not many people do unless you have a full ride to whatever school you go to. My friend who has his dad pay half the rent every month still can barely afford food and toiletries and this is even after going to his parents house and raiding the fridge every weekend. Even f I could live like that I wouldn’t want to compared to living at home and saving my money.


Sounds to me that those people are just trying to defend laziness and attachment. That one quote you posted

Needs to be in bold as that it clearly a sign of laziness. Staying with your parents forever teaches the person to be solely dependent on others, creates laziness, and when this person is put into a situation where they would have rely on mostly him/herself they would have the most arduous time doing so with being under the wing of your mother for such an extended period of time. I know there are situations where there might not be much of a choice for said person because maybe a job was lost, it’s necessary because they’re going to a school with no campus, or anything else similar where they would have no other place to go. Also not leaving because something would be hard also sounds lazy. There have been plenty of parents living in run down homes supporting a big family and if you’re just having to worry about yourself it’s not that bad. Mostly always you have to suffer a little bit, before the good arrives.

I also don’t see how really people can have intimate relationships with another person if the person’s mother and/or father is a couple of rooms away. Couples need privacy. It’s a totally different thing though if your parents are living with you.


im still with my parents, but thats mainly b/c i dont make enough to support myself, yet. im also currently unemployed. will probably be moving out by next fall (transferring).


Of course my romantic life will forever be hopeless either way, but I don’t see how a guy could consistently get women if he’s 30 or maybe even late 20s and still living at home with Mom. To use a tired ol’ slang phrase-- that’s not a good look, yo. How do you even spin that? I suppose the only possible way is this lie: “Nah nah…this is MY house. Mom lives with me.” like it’s the other way around or something. Once the girl notices your mom is there and it is indeed her house…you just know that [media=youtube]ueywqUBW3oM&feature=related[/media] Price is Right Losing Horn is going off in her mind immediately, and that’s a wrap for you.

Anyway, I couldn’t imagine going back to that, even if it does mean a return to Mom’s awesome home cookin’ on a daily basis. I still feel like I’m a big kid that just happens to have his own little apartment…it’s so much fun just having that…and the days of a parent nagging me to clean up my room are long gone. It’s one of the simple pleasures in life, y’know?


If living at home isn’t your choice (lost your job, disabled, etc), then I totally get it. But for those who have the means to be self-sufficient and simply choose not to, I don’t really get it.


It’s not just the finances of getting your own place. My girlfriend is Korean, 30, and still lives with her mom. Her sister is older, and still lives there too. It’s almost expected, unless you bring in some mad guap and are male, that you live with your parents until you get married in that culture.

Over here though, different rules. Yeah, if real estate is expensive in a certain area, maybe I can understand, but at the same time, this is America – don’t expect to get much play from females if you’re 25+ and still living at home.


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I moved out of my parents house when I was 21 and found a condo with a roommate through craigslist. I was working part time and going to school full time. It was NOT comfortable at all and I was building a lot of stress. I had school to worry about, bills to pay and just a heck lot more errands to do. I’m back at my parents now and I feel tension free since I don’t have to worry about cooking, buying toilet papers, etc and I could refocus on finishing school and hopefully move out once I finish.

Yes it sucks and kinda embarrassing living at home. I still have to follow my parents rules. Even I have a hard time telling people that I still live at home.


lol we should talk


I dont see the big deal if a person wants to or cannot afford to live without their parents…Mind your bizness that’s all, mind yo business!


PSA, guys: DO NOT move out because, you think it will get you more girls or some other trivial reason. Move out for YOU and always have a plan.

If a girl won’t give it up, because you live at home, she wasn’t that into you in the first place.


I’m going on 23 and still live at home with mom.

Though I’m in Flint, MI, which is constantly on any “holy FUCK this unemployment rate is high!” list you find on the internet, I blame myself for not building up enough cash or work experience to move out.

I’m going to college and she’s been graceful enough to support me until I finish. That was always her plan. However, I rarely have a job to help her out. I didn’t even start working for real until 2 years ago. My joblessness has led to her hitting up my inheritance money when the bills fall behind. Now it’s been 5 years since I got the inheritance and I have nothing. I’m wishing I had found work and moved out earlier or something.

So, yeah. I do well in college, but I feel I fit the bill of that 30 year old loser who lives in his parents’ basement. The only difference is that my room is upstairs.