People that didn't get their shit together for EVO (Room/Ride)

For the people that didn’t get their shit together, or in my case, had it fall apart for reason known (but not worth mentioning :angel: ).I should have a room situation available at the Caesar. The deal is that everyone in our group flaked or decided to be jerks and go with other people LAST minute.I’m not even sure if I’m going, but I know there is a big 2 bedroom waiting at EVO for anyone that needs a place to stay.Ideally I’d like to split the costs across 6 to 8 people, because let’s face it, no one is going there to sleep, we all just need a room to clean up and play our matches. So my friend has Thursday through Monday reserved and if you have cash and want to stay somewhere that isn’t a Motel 6.Hit me up and I’ll make something happen for you. To speed this up, call/text me on my cell at 916 595 0768 or PM me on here and we’ll make it happen.Sooner works rather than later on this one.Peace. :china:

LOL dude I had some shit happen too. I’m registered and have a room there but I am now looking at my options to get there. I may be renting a car and driving out tomorrow and if I do, I’ll have seats available.

oh shit if i can get a ride down there and a room split at a decent price im fuckin down!