People that host and AFK


I’m so tired of searching for a ranked match only to join the same afk host over and over again. For the past couple days I’ve been paired up with this player FF4 who has decided to leave his xbox on in a ranked lobby and there’s nothing to you can do about it. In order to avoid this player you must first play a match with them and that isn’t gonna happen.
Perhaps Capcom could add some way to kick afk hosts in future titles. Is there some way to avoid these clowns?


Dude, it’s not SFxT. Use Custom Search. I hate it when people join my lobby and leave over and over again because they hit quick search expecting a different lobby each time.


That’s like asking if there’s some way to avoid stupid people in your daily life. Nope. Just stop doing quick search.


Some people will just refuse to play you too. Its not always cause they are afk,


lol yeah I accidentally joined FF4 a a couple times this week too.

I always use custom search just because it seems faster than the quick matchmaking. Joining whoever’s bar finishes loading first usually results in good connections. Sometimes when it gets busy the rooms fill up before you can wait, so you have to spam-select the first one. Then FF4 is like SUP BRO WANNA LISTEN TO THE DAN THEME AGAIN?




I Always host. Dont have to deal with this crap and i alway make th ideal room size of 5.


…oh no, crap it’s what’s-his-face again… i really don’t wanna fight him…

maybe i should kick him…

nah, I’ll just play Solitaire til he leaves.


this is seriously the bane of my existence when I play online. If they dont kick me then I try to stick around until they cave and play or boot. Typically I just get frustrated and leave after like 4 minutes though lol.