People who are in the santa cruz or salinas area

I have a street fighter 4 madcatz arcade stick. The some of the buttens are failing on me and would like to know if anyone knows people in the bay area that can fix it for me. Its just the buttens will pay for your time and parts. Thanks

what kind of stick is it? TE? SE?

Why not just replace them yourself? If you can twist a screwdriver hex key, own needle nose pliers and can plug in any electrical device, you are qualified to replace the buttons. Get Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons off Lizardlick.

Its the standerd one. The small white one

yeah just order some buttons online and replace them. its pretty easy to do. there’s a lot of tutorials around here explaining on how to do it

I live in Hollister. drop me a pm, i can help you out