People who are mad with PC SFxT look here


As I’ve seen, a lot of people are severely disappointed with the latest patch and how it didn’t fix anything, and like me, bought the game just for the online mode which is unplayable under the, now broken, promise that the game would have a day-1 or near day-1 patch to update it to the same version as the consoles.
We’ve been lied to by Capcom.

If you have the game on Steam, my suggestion is to submit a ticket to Steam support and ask for a refund, as a lot people are doing.
I know that asking for a refund usually does nothing but if enough people ask, Valve will understand that there’s something seriously wrong with the game and will either take action themselves or force Capcom to do so.

A similar case has happened before with Ubisoft’s From Dust, where Steam gave mass refunds.


What happened with From Dust?


Ubisoft lied about the DRM


Be more specific?


Ubisoft said that there wouldn’t be any always online DRM and there was. People started asking for refunds and Steam started giving them out to whoever asked.


The only difference is Capcom didn’t lie in the slightest. Not to mention once you registered the game on GFWL there really isn’t much Valve can do.


Oh really?
45 days isn’t shortly after launch and yet the timeframe in that post was the only one given until after a month of the game’s release.
The steam store page says that the game has 2vs2 online battles with four separate players. That doesn’t work, and I’m not talking about that online couch co-op thing, I’m talking about four players in four different buildings not being able to play together.


Somehow Capcom not being up to par angers you?

You should expect this by now.


Asking for a refund is pretty silly. I understand the frustration, but why asking for a refund for a game that is going to be fixed?
Do you ask a refund and then re-buy it once it is fixed? This is pretty brain-dead attitude. I have always AE v.2012 in the meantime.


This is the right thing to do. Capcom doesn’t deserve your money if the product isn’t working for you. If Valve has to pony up the cost of the refund then I don’t think it makes a difference but if you can give me a GOOD reason why I (or anyone else for that matter) should let ANY company under ANY circumstances keep my money for selling me a product that isn’t working as advertised I’d be more than glad to listen. “They’re going to fix it eventually” is not a good reason. They can get the money when the product is actually working as advertised.


Some dude around here says it best in his signature…
**Don’t like SFxT? => **This may help


Meh, I got an amazing deal from a Russian, Ill wait for it to get fixed.