People Who Use Internet Memes In Real Life

Has anyone else ever known someone like that? I mean it seems like wherever I go there’s always that one guy who always starts his conversations with “Y U KNOW” or says “LOL” or some other garbage. It’s even worse when the topic actually switches to the internet and they talk about 4chan and shit and make it painfully obvious that they’ve never been there and spout a bunch of idiocy like they’re experts. None of them know what a board is. fml

You should stop being around retarded people. I can’t even fathom what kind of terrible person brings up 4 chan in every day conversation

The more hardcore Reddit stuff is stupid. But so what if you say something basic and commonplace like LOL or OMG. You type the shit on your phone but you can’t say it?

I just saw this pop up in recently active threads and I came in here to say that I feel your pain. There was a guy who came to hangout with some of my other friends one time and he kept referencing the soviet russia thing… ‘‘In soviet russia car drives you!’’ and some other 4chan shit.

annoying isn’t even the word, it made me want to kill.

edit- LoL and OMG aren’t so bad if people don’t say it all the time. I think it just depends on the person, annoying people are usually just annoying regardless.

Well it’s more than that. They’re /b/tards that have never been to /b/ but pretend to be from like anon or something by claiming they’re hackers. I think one of them reinstalled their OS once.

That’s not even 4chan shit. Thats Yakov Smirnoff shit. He’s a Ukranian comedian that was famous around the 80s or so.

Off line, on line, it’s all the same to me with your kind.

Actually, I don’t think that’s really a meme, it comes from family guy I believe and probably became popular afterwards. Or perhaps it is, I dunno if that would keep it from being a meme.

To the other guy, you say it on your phone because it’s a phone, you’re only aloowed so much space to type on a phone, and the pad makes it time consuming to type out a whole word.

Anyway, yea I was glad to see this thread pop up because it was something that I was thinking bout before. I notice so many people using it online and in threads nowadays that it kind of makes me weary. I haven’t run into anyone using it in real life, but I do when playing games online, which makes me want to quit abd play against someone willing to talk regularly. The thought did occur to me that there was a chance that some people may start talking like that in real life. I was unsure what to make of it all. The thought of the possibility made me feel uneasy because of how robotic it would sound for people to commonly speak that way. Then I was like, well maybe I’m just tripping and am the only one who feels this way; maybe it’s just a changing of the times. I am glad I came across this thread, cuz at least I see that I’m not the only one who feels that it’s not a good thing.

it really annoys me when people say “internets”

GWB isn’t even president anymore, that should be an indicator to how old that joke is jesus christ people

This is why we can’t have nice things…

TBH I gave up on this like 4-5 years ago when 4chan stopped being a secret club and turned into the asshole of the internet. I don’t even go there anymore, there’s no reason to.

It’s even worse if you play the more “nerdier” games like I do and 90% of the people there are socially awkward/borderline autistic and all they do is spout memes.

I hate when people shit on stuff and don’t even know where the fuck it comes from.

That’s Yakov Smirnoff.

Anyway it’s amazing to me the stuff people let get to them. Get all pissed off at people using internet speak in a conversation but can’t muster a response at real shit going on in the world.

when people say LOL, all the time are just mind what

Uh, no. It’s stupid (opinion) and redundant (fact). “lol” is short for “laughing out loud.” You know how you say “lol” when you’re talking to someone in person? YOU LAUGH.

Those acronyms have a place because typing the three letters “omg” is shorter than typing out “oh my god.” It has a place in text. In speech, it takes the exact same amount of time and effort to say “omg” as it does to just say the words.

Using those acronyms in everyday conversation is idiotic.

4chan isn’t even that bad. Just use a filter and you’re good. Stick to the boards dedicated to your interests (that means no /b/. Unless you’re interested in killing all your brain cells without even a high to go with it.)

Reddit is always full of autism.

Nothing against the person it originally came from, I’ve heard that joke so many times now and seen it on the internet it just makes it annoying to hear it in real life now too lol.

Also I don’t think anyone really lets this stuff get to them, it’s just one of those things.

So it doesn’t fucking matter whether you say Oh Em Gee or oh my god, because they both contain the same syllables and take the same effort to speak. Got it.

When you overdo the Internet meme thing in real life, you probably have a beard and stringy hair and nonprescription glasses… or you wear Nintendo accessories. Not disputing that. But I’m not gonna choke somebody for speaking text language, to inject levity in everyday conversation, and isn’t being a douche about it. People used to say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, now they say Dubbbleyou Tee Eff. Who gives a shit, ornery Ess Oh Bees. #firstworldproblems

People think i’m referring to a meme when I actually do facepalm…


I don’t mind actual memes, but the moment someone actualy says lol they need slapping.

I mean it’s obviously not even used right if you can actually say it since you obviously aren’t laughing out loud.