People you look forward to playing/meeting at evo ;D

So who are people you would like to meet fellow srk friends etc. ;D

i look forward to playing the EC crew now that theyre such beast X,rashaan,passion,wong(fuck you ^_^) and many others and always cool to see the cali homies ;D pozzzle ;D

I want to meet more of the EC peeps I know…and Team Colorado…I wanna kick it with my friends from Fresno and Visalia…Always the Northwest players…thats my home location Portland baby!!! But yeh…any all friends and players. It should be a fight to remember. I gotta holla at VDO…he’s my fav marvel player. Re-unite with Apoc,Cole,Brood,Nick T., all my So Cal peeps…and last but not least all the family of Nor Cal who put alot of time into it…Im outty see everyone at Evo!!!

         -B.:eek: :cool:

I look forward to playing Isaac Graham, COMMY, and other people who have sick msp’s

i look forward to playing Ruin-. i heard this cat chobozzle is sick with it. but besides that i look forward to playing any one outside of Cali.

)~Da_Rillest~( AKA Phat Tozzle, i’ll log on to my real account later;)

i looked forward to playing top EC players, and most of socal. and all the people i have money matchs with

Well let’s see… here’s my list:

  • DJ-B13: haven’t chilled with him since I went to Hawaii in Sep.

  • Ruin: gotta meet you dawg, just ain’t the same talkin online.

  • My Cyclops Sux: same as above

  • Demon Hyo: same as above

  • AZ Team: gotta hang with some dawgs dat be representin, expecially Spitefull.

  • Damn the list is long, I just don’t know. Just peeps that I haven’t seen for a while. I guess I’ll see you all there.


-See Ya!!!

I wanna play Ruin you bastard theres no place to run to now:D :lol: :cool:

and some people on the WC…some

lets hang out then:D

i wanna meat the passion so i can be saved…nah j/k…the only ec player i wanna meet is sanford fucking kelly

and form wc,i wanna meet kuan and row…i hung out with row last year but didnt really introduce myself

i wanna meet y2j. JAY IS JAPANESE!!!

Im looking foward to meeting a nice amplitude of hot girls at the lax and california in genral and hopefully see my first vigini.

I want to play…

SooMighty…Because he’s my fave Mags player and his MSP is so good, it’s scary(I still watch his match vs Justin Wong from the 5 on 5 thing):lol:

RowTron…Same reason as stated above, except replace “MSP” with Team Row:)

Kuan…Because he’s too beastly.

Magnetro…Just to do it.

** DJ-B13**…Just to do it…

Any random girl gamers who want to play MvC2 or CvS2.

I want to play/meet…

Genghis…Because he’s the man:)

HellFromAbove…I guess because he wants to meet me(I don’t know why, i’m not interesting).

The AZ people…It would be cool to see/play them again, especially Carlos:)

I can’t think of anyone else…I’m a very quiet person, so i’d rather play than talk(I doubt anyone would want to meet/play a random scrub like me), no offense:)

There’s not a 100% chance me and/or my sis are going(Bad luck), but we don’t matter, anyway:)


:slight_smile: …always seen her around the forums but never seen her play, interested in watchin a girl play mvc2 seriously

Aw, i don’t really post much, i mostly lurk these days:)

IMO, just because female MvC2 players are rare, doesn’t mean we’re any more special than the male MvC2 players:) I have a few MvC2 casual matches of my & my sister playing(She owns me for free). So, if you’re bored enough, i can link you(Just don’t show any to random fanboys:) ).


I want to meet Mixup… cause hes supposed to be my identical fucking twin…

and i’m lookin forward to chillin w/ X and Matrix again

i jus wana catchup with org and desmond the tx people maimi and others i havnt seen in a while, oh and chobo cause he wears sekkksy hatz

Wong, now that I hear he’s using two-thirds of my team. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Justin K

thanks man, but yea, my msp <<<<<<< your mps :slight_smile: i wanted to see you play :smiley: some of your shit:eek: scary shit man, was lil surprised with your performance at MWC, hehe, i was cheering you on :smiley:

ytwojay, yea, wanted to meet you too, hehe, heard some good things bout ya.

hmmm, ppl I wanna meet besides you two, soo, row, kuan, jmar(although those three i technically saw, but never got to talk to at ecc), but that’s about it, i think.

too bad i’m not going =( lolz, after three weeks in china, don’t think i have the money or time to hit up evo, hopefully next year :cool: