Peoria Pizza Works SSIV Summer Ranbat Series - Peoria, IL - 08/22/2010

Super Street Fighter IV Double Elimination Tournament, PS3/360

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Peoria Pizza Works
3921 N. Prospect Ave. Peoria Heights

No Venue Fee
and casuals at 1 p.m.
Tournament starts at 3 p.m.
Registration $5
70/20/10 pot split for the top three winners

Grand prize for the series (running July-November) is a Street Fighter Alpha 3 CPS2 Arcade Cabinet.

Points will be given as follows:
1st - 8 pts
2nd - 7 pts
3rd - 6 pts
4th - 5 pts
5th - 3 pts
6th - 1 pt

All ages welcome!! Come build our community!!

Gotta get me that cabinet…

That would be awesome if i won that arcade cabinet

taking lord of the rings trivial pursuit money matches on the side at this event