Pepsi AV request


Can anyone come up with something creative using the pepsi logo, I would like for it to say “Pepsi tells the world” and maybe a little guy yelling at another guy that he’s the greatest, 2 black guys 1 tall, 1 short) and that he’s that peoples champion on MVC2, me and another guy had a grudge on MVC2 and they taped it, it was pretty funny because I started yelling at him, all kinds of trash talk, it was really big in Dallas, so please be creative with a few av’s and Thanx very much, I’m in the SW region dfw just blazin thread and my e-mail is call 972-780-7233




…what does this mean? your blue because i want a pepsi AV :confused:


wow… to complicated for me… if i think i read it right… also its way to complicated for anyone really… especially since your not even an premium member with the 40k…


… well just put together what you can it’ll be appreciated, and thanx for responding


Pepsi Av

I find it hard to believe that no one can do a basic pepsi av,Ive see all kinds of other stuff, but… let me know or find me in sw dfw just blazin section thanx


it’s hard to do cuz it involves making custom sprites. not many people are willing to make a custom sprite for just some random person’s avatar


I’m not random, I’m tfw2k3, and if I knew how to do it I’d do it for yall, I’m just trying to get started here, and i thought someone would help oh well…


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by random, i mean not a close friend type deal… custom sprites take alot of work


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I understand, well maybe we can use this opportunity to, get to know different people you never know what’ll happen, I’ve been on the sight a while but just not up on the latest for the av’s that’s why I was posting in the wrong place , and I don’t want to make unwanted work for anyone, I just thought that 's what this forumn was for, you know for anyone to put up a request, and if someone wanted to do it and had time they would be I appreciate the response, My name is Tony and I live in dallas tx


like this? It’s a bit large but it might work for a desktop


Wow even a phone # there,you must really want this av.


heck yeah, theres, a history behind, me and this cat om MVC2, thats BIG in the Dallas area, if anyone has AIM I’ll send the video clip to you, I’m tfw2k4 on AIM and you can get it from my files or I’ll send it to you just PM me or e-mail, I think you’l see the reason, let me know, and thanx for what you did put together…


not exactly but close…:lol: -no pepsi loge