Perfect 360 and Comp Question about stick rebounding

I have a happ comp stick, and it annoys me when I let go of the stick and it goes everywhere, registering different directions. Does anyone else have a probelm with this when trying to do a custom combo where you do a bunch of motions fast and need to let go of the stick between motions? Is there any good way of dealing with this kind of thing? I try and have my hand in the way to restrict some of the motion, but it still kind of goes all over the place. I’m a pretty new stick player, so i probably just need more practice on it.

I was wondering if the p360 was better about not rebounding all over the place like the comp stick? I mean, I let go of a a comp stick from the lefts side, and I see it end up bouncing up and down eventually. And also, where would I go to get a good p360 these days? I’ve read a couple things about the old p360’s being better than what’s made now, but don’t really know what the difference is. Does ponyboy sell “old” 360’s?

If you have problem with rebounding it knows that you must better learn to play on joystick, better control it. I think almost each joystick has small rebound.

Well thanks, I think I got that. Anyway, i was really wondering if the p360s rebound in a more controlled manner, like if I release it from the left, it bounces right and left. My comp eventually ends up bouncing up and down when I release it from the left. And for the record, my sanwa doesn’t rebound hard enough to register other switches.

try using a hard spring

In P360 is hard spring, hardest from all joystick springs.