Perfect 360 issue

I figured this should have it’s own topic. I was playing today and as usual was having trouble with supers and jumping-left of all things. Your post got me thinking, maybe it’s not the game, but the stick?

Then I remembered that the day I got the game I added a button for an SNK layout. Thus, I had drilled a new hole while all the electronics were inside. I did dump out the saw dust but at the time I didn’t think about how the 360 works. It’s fuggin optical!

So today I cleaned up the sensors on the 360’s inner ring. I can now jump-left 100% of the time (yay). I still think this game’s controls are clunky, but since you mentioned 360’s perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to clean the optics of any dust (saw or otherwise). It helped my control quite a bit.

-Bean I