Perfect 360 joysick to 360 pbc

is it possible using a perfect 360 joystick to make a aracde pad using a 360 controller pbc since the p360 only has 4 prongs up, down,left, right, on it ?

And there is the +5V and Ground wire.
So what is problem?

Up, down, left, right, +5V and ground is all you need for a P360.

yeah i know but i hear diffrent versions of the pbc dont have a common ground sso u need to run a ground and signal for every button how would i run the UP signal and UP ground to one prong on the p360

for the powering up part im using a cell phone charger 5v

You did not say which controller PCB will be used.
Will only work with Common Ground.

There is way to convert non-Common Ground to Common Ground.
But not get into unless it is absolute that you need to use non-Common Ground PCB.

You know that Xbox 360 Controller PCB has +5V too?

so im better off just finding a cg board to make this easier on myself and i hought only the wired version had the 5v

It is hard to answer your questions because you are are not giving any specifics.

You are going to use Wireless PCB?
Then using external source for +5V be good.

wired not sure if its new version or old but ima go with old
and diagrams out here that show how to wire it up