Perfect 360 joystick wired to a mad catz fightpad pcb


hey i recently ran across this old thread about using a common ground pcb with a happ perfect 360 joystick. my old MAS finally went out on me. I gutted it and rewired the buttons using a newer model mad catz fightpad. when i wired up the 5v and ground to the p360, the char would jump back & forth without touching the joystick. So i found this old thread talking about hooking up reed relays. I consider myself above novice when it comes to this, but alfred chow’s directions on wiring were a little vague. If im suppose to wire one coil to the 5v and the other coil to one of the joystick directions… Then what do i do with the common and normally open wires??? this wasnt as clear lol. Also why does every link dealing with this issue seems to be shut down? Thanks.