Perfect 360 Spring

After doing some searching (SRK and the Web) I’ve had no luck finding my answer to this question.

Is a Heavy Spring, (Happ part # 95-1309-01), the spring that goes into a perfect 360? Or is the Perfect 360 a completely different type of spring?

If it is different… where can I get one?


You might want to shoot an email to Chad from LL to answer your question. Are you trying to emulate the resistance that the P360 has in a Comp? If so you could just grab the spring from the Competition and stretch it out.

Well I took a spring from a 360 and put it into a comp and it feels pretty good. But before I do anything with the spring I want to be sure that I can easily get a replacement for the 360.

the heavy spring is the one in the p360. i wouldnt recommend putting it in unless u like the stiff feel.

Thanks… yeah the stiff feel is what I am looking for.

if your going to buy one pm me. i can give it to you for free u just have to pay for shipping.