Perfect 360 VS. Sanwa JFL

What is the ‘better’ joystick?

I haven’t tried either so I really wouldn’t know which I would personally prefer. I am in the process of buying my very first custom joystick and want to know which joystick I should go for.

What is your personal preference?

What kind of joysticks have you used? Most people will probably tell you to get an IL Competition stick instead of a P360 though since the new ones suck. SRK preference is probably JLF.

Try asking in this thread:

I haven’t played on a arcade machine in literally almost 8 years now so I have no personal preference. I can’t remember what a joystick feels like to be honest. That’s why I’m asking people who have used both joysticks, which one they prefer.

There are threads in this forum that describe both of these sticks. You really shouldn’t buy one just because someone says its good. Read their descriptions, then decide if the stick will suit your style.

it depends on what u play. if u play vf then get a sanwa. itll be damn near impossible to find the corners on the p360 which is essential for buffered crouches.

I play only SF3 on Kaillara.


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kaillera is terrible
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I see where you’re coming from, is just that you’ll never get a “correct” answer to this question, for the sole reason that everyone is different (different hand size, different ways to grab the stick, different skills, and so on) I personally love the Sanwa JLF, but I can play the same with a Happ Competition. I personally won’t recommend a p360 for 3s, especially considering how shitty Happ p360s are compared to the original Wico p360s, but then again it’s just personal preference.

I like the JLF. I don’t dislike american sticks but I feel its easier to hit corners on jap sticks… half circles too. Plus the way I hold the stick is super fucked up and would never work on an american stick… lol.

I like american sticks for those crane games in the movie theaters and malls.

as past posts have said, theres no telling what is better for you, you just gotta read the descriptions on them and which one would suit your style

but before that, are you buying one as a hobbyists who enjoys the feeling of playing as if they were at an arcade, or do you plan to play competitively and learn everything about a game(stix is important most of the time in this case). Really if its not either of the reasons i don’t see why you should spend money on getting stix(other than for someone else)

also stix do take time to learn, and you arn’t guranteed to be better than whatever your currently using

i played vf4 on mas stick for years and did fine, i sucked on jap stick

all what youre used to

JLF feels a little sensitive at times, it takes time learning to not completely touch the gate, or in other words follow the border of the restrictor inside of the stick, mainly on a square gate. P360 is a very heavy spring stick and takes quite some force to move the stick(compared to the JLF) from one direction to another be it keeps consistent. Although I would tell you right now, there’s been a flaw or some kind of defect within the latest P360s out right now, so hunting for the proper one seems to be a chore. JLF is very common and hardly anyone complains unless it’s because of preferences.

If you want an American stick just get an I/L Eurostick. It’s the competition stick before happ started producing their own. The only thing that happ hasn’t made skimped on production quality are the buttons.

who was your main. if its akira then im impressed. and btw online 3s is terrible.

Wait, what’s wrong with Happ P360s? I ordered a custom stick with one because I love the feel of my local 3S cabinet. Am I missing something? Did they recently become shitty or something?

wico used to make p360s but something happen and happ produces them with substandard parts or somrthin like that. there is a happ thread that explains it all

How long ago did that happen?

kage, but i can do all the akira combos/dblplm from standing and that stuff fine

i think eventually ill switch to jap stick tho

hmm, I’ll look into these later when I get home.

But what’s the difference between these and kaillara, and which ones better of the 2?