Perfect Dark for XBLA - Needs more Meat Sims

The game came out today on the 360 via XBL. $10. Glorious.

Who’s getting it? Definitely be down for some multiplayer action tonight.

Laptop gun all day.

I added it to my account at work, I wonder if i should have someone turn my zboz on so that it will be dld and ready to go when i get home

also ban farsight pls

also the reaper is the lollinest weapon that I love to use

farsight ban fo sho.

n-bombs in facility bathroom. make it raaaaaaaaaaain!

Oh god I remember the dark sims. They were actually really smart. If you cloaked yourself and went around corners, you would see them just sitting and waiting right at the corner for you.

They weren’t smart, they cheated. I saw one walk up a wall once.

Reading the various message boards about PD from people who haven’t played these types of games is hilarious.

  • “Why is there no checkpoint system?”
  • “When I die, it makes me do the whole mission over again. WTF?”
  • “How come I don’t start off with guns in multiplayer?”
  • “This game is too hard.”

lolololol. I love it.

LOL kids.

I played a little this morning before work. I can’t wait to come home and tear shit up.

Just downloaded it, will play later.

You gotta admit no checkpoints is kinda lame. Doesn’t really matter since it’s all about the multiplayer.

avenger was my fave gun
strong, but only 15 bullets in a clip iirc
plus its secondary was good, especially if your friends were sneaky with proxy mines

I can’t believe it… They made perfection better.

should get home about 6 then TEH REAPING shall begin

Implying the raping didn’t begin this morning at the local playground.


this is my favourite n64 game
but i cant justify 60 bucks to play it online… cause i dont even use my 360

Huh?The game is only $10.

Huh?The game is only $10 on XboxLive Arcade.

I don’t see why games now a days don’t have objectives in the single player anymore, but I do miss having a melee button and gernade button. Still this is still has the best single player mode for any fps and worth the 800 points on that alone

Is this a stock remake or are there improvements i.e. graphics, framerate, etc?

^Updated graphics, 60 fps, etc.

I read that some of the guns were changed but I am not sure about that.

I think he is talking about an XBL subscription. Even then, that is still too much.

12 Month XBL Subscription Card for $35

but a gold membership is 60

its same graphics but 1000000x framerate