Perfect KO (KR) Registration Guide



Perfect KO (KR) Registration Guide

Great!!! Fighting game could be the least language required game i guess, and will be cool to fight with koreans online.


SFO:mouse thingy thread already exists


Which this isn’t.

Edit: Be aware that you need to use Internet Explorer to access the registration site.


^Lol, come on Sep, this is a completely different game, :rofl:

*:tup: for link Shon


This is an incredible hassle. Do not want.


Ken won’t be fathering any more kids after what Chun did to him.


Baffling thing about the article is that it’s for Perfect KO, but the title is for SFO: Mouse Generation, when they’re 2 completely different games >_>


So if some philanthropic Korean citizen wants to make an account for me I’ll check this shit out. Getting random KSSN’s from Google works about halfway. Although its illegal. In Korea. Make me an account :frowning:


yes ,it is perfect KO no thing to do with SFO.


All the combos look like SNK supers. lol


Anyone got indepth knowledge on this?


will wait for inevitable international release