Perfect Rage **Rebirth**


This is a fic that I started about a year ago that I never finished. It’s a Tekken fic with a different character as the focal point. Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Dallas, Texas

It was a hot day in the middle of July. It was a beautiful day at a Dallas park. Fathers were teaching their son’s how to throw the perfect fastball. Telling them that I hope to see you out there on the mound at a Rangers game. It was one of those days where everyone is happy and enjoying life. Except one person. There on a bench under a large tree sat a man. A giant of a man. Nearing 7 feet tall and 320 pounds of sheer muscle, no one dared approach him. His bald head was covered in sweat but the heat didn’t seem to phase him. He was alone in the park. He was wearing black denim jeans and a black muscle shirt. His tree trunk like arms housed numerous tattoos. A large piece of his left ear was missing. His face was in a hard frown. He seemed to be thinking hard about something. He reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He opened it and read it. “You have been invited to partisipate in the King of Iron Fist Tournment 4. This is a gathering of the strongest fighters from around the world. You the strongest fighter in your particular discpline. That’s why you were chosen to be in the tournment. The Iron Fist tournment is going to start in a month. You will recieve your plane ticket to Tokyo in the mail to meet with me personally. I am interested in meeting you. Good luck in the tournment.” The letter was signed, Heihatchi Mishima, CEO of Mishima Finachial Empire. The man put the letter back into his pocket. He then stood up. He was a sight to behold. His sheer size caught the attention of more than a few people. He walked over to the nearest drinking fountain and got himself a drink of cold, freshing water. All of a sudden, a young boy with a football who couldn’t be more than 9 or 10 years ran towards his direction. The man looked down at him.

“Excuse me sir,” The young boy said. He seemed nervous. “My friends and I wondered if you wanted to play football with us?”

The man looked over to where a group of kids were waving and jumping up and down.

“No.” The man said. His voice was a rumble of a voice. Deep and intamadiating. “I ain’t got time to.”

The boy looked up at the man. Suddenly his eyes widened and a look of amazement came across his face.

“Haven’t I seen you on TV before?” The boy asked.

“Yeah.” The man said not looking at the boy. “You’ve seen me.”

“I know who you are!! Your Craig Marduk!! You were a fighter on Extreme Fighting Championship. You were undefeated!!” The boy squeled. He looked as if he were going to explode with happiness.

“That’s me.” Craig rumbled. “What’s your name, kid?”

“My name’s Andrew. My dad is a big fan of yours. He likes you alot. He says that you are his hero. HEY GUYS!! COME HERE QUICK!!”

Andrew called to his friends who came running over. There were about 7 of them. Craig was looking around searching for a exit.

“This is Craig Marduk. He’s my new best friend.”

Craig was getting mad. He didn’t like being around alot of people. Not after what he did 2 years ago…

The kids were poking at Craig, talking all at once. Craig had enough.


The kids stoped and ran towards their parents. Craig looked at Andrew who was in a scared sclience. Craig looked down at him and said,

“Get the fuck away from me. I ain’t got time to mess around with some little punk like you. Fuck you. Tell that to your dad.”

Andrew ran away screaming in tears.

He then walked away. Craig did not care about anything nor anyone. He liked being alone. It was only the few things he did like. It gave him a chance to think. About that day in Arizona. About the day where all of his rage, all of his distrust for people came out…

Phoenix, Arizona Two Years Ago

Craig was a highly respected Vale Tudo fighter. At the same time, however, he was feared my a majority of the other fighters because of his extremely brutal way of fighting. Even though Vale Tudo is a “anything goes” type fighting style, there were those who thought that Craig went too far in some of his matches. And they had every right to think that. Craig has broken many bones in many different places in many different people. A few times, he’s ended promising careers within a matter of minutes. Because Craig was such a violent fighter, he didn’t have that many friends. Craig didn’t mind though. He was a quiet person anyway; only speaking when he feels like it. Even with his brutal fighting style, Craig began to rack up wins in the world of Vale Tudo fighting. He was undeafeated for four years. A record that has yet to be broken. He became very rich. But then one day, a scandal broke that would change his life.

One night, Craig was at a bar. There were alot of people there. Lots of important and powerful people. A few people from the local news paper there as well. Probably there to see if a story was going to break. Craig paid them no mind though. He just sat at the bar quietly sipping his drink. After a few hours, Craig was about to leave when a young woman approached him. She was beautiful. She was wearing a long, hip hugging silver dress. Her hair was brown and neck length. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. And her breasts were large too. A few men were looking at this woman. Seemingly undressing her with their eyes. But when he saw that she was talking to a giant of a man, they quickly looked someplace other.

“Your Craig Marduk huh?” She said softly.

“Yeah,” Craig said. His eyes were cold. He seemed to be annoyed. “Who are you?”

“My name is Nicole,” She said while rubbing Craig’s massive shoulder.

Craig snapped, “Get your hand off of me! Is there a reason for this conversation or are you just wasting my time?”

“I’ve been watching you fight on TV for a long time and I’ve been real interested in finally meeting you. I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to my room and get to know me.”

She undid the shoulder strap on her dress exposing her breast.

Craig was livid.

“You think that I wanna fuck some bitch just so she could take my money? I don’t want you. Go see if you can get on the nuts of some other dude in here because I’m not havin it.”

Craig stood up. Nicole was a little scared at Craig because he was so big. She walked back. All of a sudden, she triped on the heel of her shoe and fell. She landed hard on her elbow.

“Owwwww!!” She cried. Craig just looked down and said, “Stupid bitch.” He then walked outside of the bar and into the cool night air. Little did he realize that a photogarapher had taken a picture of Craig and Nicole. Little did he realize that Craig’s life was going to change the next morning.

Craig woke up at around 10:30. His apartment in downtown Phoenix was lightly furnished. A giant couch, a TV, a coffe table, and a bed were the only things in there. But Craig liked it so that’s all that mattered. He took a shower, got dressed and walked into the parking lot to his car. Craig drove a Ford Excursion. The only car that he felt confortable in. The only car he could fit in matter of fact. He then drove the short distance to the gym where he works out at. He got his equiment bag and went into the gym. The people that Craig usually saw were pretty cold to him for some reason. He quietly said hello to John, the gym manager and one of Craig’s few friends. But John gave Craig a cold stare and threw his sweat towel in his face. Craig was a little taken aback by this. He went up to John.

“What the fuck was that for?” Craig asked.

John looked angry at Craig. He said,

“So your man enough to beat up on a women huh? Dude I respected you. But I don’t respect men who beat up women. That’s just low-class in my book.”

Craig looked stunned. “What the hell are you talking about? I’ve never hit no woman before.”

John sat down on a bench. “What about last night?”

Craig sat down next to him. “What about it?”

John pulled out his news paper and tured into the sport’s section. The headline read, “Craig Marduk: Woman Beater” And the picture showed Nicole on the floor while Craig looming over her. John said,

“So you didn’t do that?”

“NO!! One of the people ther must have taken a picture of me. That bitch fell. I didn’t hit her.”

“Craig,” John said softly, “With your repuatation and your bad temper, I…I want to believe you but I can’t.”

Craig stood up. He was genuenillay mad. “Oh, so you think I’m a liar huh? All the money I put into this gym, all the shit I’ve done for you, and you are going to turn on me that quickly because you read a article in some bullshit newspaper saying I hit some chick?? Fuck you!! I should beat your ass right now. Fuckin punk.”

Craig picked up his gym bag and drove off into the desert. Knowing that he would be suspended from fighting anyway, he ran to save himself the humalation. No one saw Craig for a month…


Outside of Phoenix, Arizona

Craig drove through the Arizona desert. He was mad at how quickly people would turn on him. The only person who he would consider a friend, turned on him because he read a story in a newspaper believing that Craig beat this woman. He knew now that the only person he could trust was himself. He was also mad at the fact that he is undefeated. Craig wanted to fight someone with equal power. He wanted a challenge. He knew that only then would he be happy. Truly happy…

After driving through the desert for a good part of the day, Craig was getting hungry. He looked for any kind of eatery but all he saw was dry brush and mountains in the desert. He stopped on the side of the road that he was driving on and got out. He went in to the back of his SUV and pulled out a bottle of water and drank it down. Craig looked around at where he was. He liked the desert. He liked the quietness and the harsh conditions of the southwestern deserts. He would often train in the deserts. Many times he passed out due to the extreme heat. But he knew that trainning in these condidtions would only make him stronger. Craig caught sight of a small building off in the distance. He then saw that there was a sign that said “Mike’s Diner”. Craig jumped back into his truck and drove in the direction of the diner. After about a 5 minute drive, he arrived at the diner. Craig was more hungry than thirsty. He walked into the diner. It was a small, dark place. There was about 5 people in the diner. One of the waiters saw Craig standing in the doorway and nervously said,

“What’ll it be?”

“Steak and eggs.”

“Anything else?”

“If I wanted something else, I’ve woulda ordered it with my meal.”

The waiter yelled back to the kitchen Craig’s order. Craig was whiping his forhead with a napkin. The waiter sat down across from Craig and asked,

“Hot day isn’t it?”

Craig chuckled a sarcastic laugh to himself.

“No motherfucker. It’s freezing cold outside. I shoulda worn a jacket. Get the hell away from me.”

The waiter got smart and walked away.

After about 15 minutes, the waiter brought Craig his meal. While Craig was eating, something caught his attention. He looked at the doorway to see a large person wearing a mask. A leopard mask. One of the mask’s eyes was red. He was wearing a long, black trench coat and boots. He then walked to the bar and sat down. Craig was rather interested in this man. Craig was familiar to who he was. His name was Amour King. Amour King was a mysterious wrestler who hardly ever spoke. But he was a formidable opponent in the ring. Craig walked over to where Amour King was sitting and sat next to him. Craig thought that this might be the challenge he was looking for.

“You Amour King, right?” Craig’s voice a quiet rumble.

Amour King just sat in sclience.

“I’ve seen you wrestle before on TV. You are pretty good. I want to fight you. You’d seem like you’d give me a challenge.”

Amour King looked at Craig for a moment. He then looked at the bartender who was nervously cleaning a shot glass. Without making a sound, Amour King then stood up and walked towards the doorway. Craig got up and followed. Suddenly Amour King turned around and punched Craig in the face. Hard. Craig staggered back from the blow. Craig chuckled and ran at Amour King as fast as he could. Anticipating his charge, Amour King lowered his stance. Just as Craig was about to make contact with Amour King, Amour King picked up Craig and delivered a power slam through a table. Craig held his back in pain. But when he saw Amour King looming over him, Craig grabbed Amour King’s waist with his legs, and took him down. Yelling with rage, Craig mounted Amour King and began punching Amour King in the face. Amour King tried to counter but Craig was too strong. Craig picked Amour King by the face, applied a side headlock and repeatedly punched Amour King in the chest and stomach. Amour King realizing that he needed to do something, grabbed Craig by the waist and suplexed him. But Craig rolled to the side and mounted Amour King from the rear. Craig punched Amour King in the back of the head. Craig was angrier than he’s ever been. He was mad that the one person who he thought he would get a challenge from was getting beat in the worst way possible. Craig then grabbed Amour King’s head. Without thinking, Craig began to squeeze.

“You ain’t nothin!! I thought I was going to get a fight out of you. But you ain’t nothin but a freak!!”

Craig’s body was dripping in sweat. Not because of the Arizona heat. But he was overcome with rage. Pressure was getting to Amour King. He was trying to break free from Craig’s grasp when all of a sudden, Craig crushed Amour King’s head in his hand. Amour King fell in a heap his body convulsing. Craig licked the blood and brains from his hand. Then he spit them on Amour King’s shaking body. He kicked the body in the stomach. But Craig forgot about the bartender. The bartender had called the police when the fight began. Craig walked outside only to be greeted by the Arizona State Police. They had their guns drawn. All of them aiming for Craig. Craig just smiled. Then he walked over to one of the patrol cars, opened the car door, and sat down. He then said,

“If you wanna kill me, then DO IT!”

A police officer then stood out of his car and spoke into a megaphone:

“You are under arrest. Put your hands in the air and walk backwards towards the sound of my voice.”


Phoenix, Arizona

“Craig Marduk, you have been convicted of murder in the first degree. You shall spend 20 years of your life in the Arizona State Correctional Penitentiary. Now shall now be led to your cell. Is there anything that you would like to say before you begin serving your sentence?”

Craig looked down at his wrists which were hand-cuffed. He looked at the stone-faced judge. He then said in a quiet voice,

“No. You all know that I killed that guy. Ain’t nothin I can say that’ll save me.”

The judge sighed and said,

“Very well then. Officers, take him away.”

Four officers led Craig from the courthouse. Craig showed no emotion during the trial. Because there was so much evidence against him, the trial lasted just three days. Craig was led into a waiting prison bus for the journey to the jail. Craig sat down and the cage surrounding his seat closed loud and hard. He looked around at the fellow inmates. There were about 5 other prisoners in the bus. He made eye contact with one of them. The prisoner asked,

“What’d you do?”

“I killed a guy.”

“Heh,” the prisoner chuckled. “So did I. Killed my best friend because he was fucking my woman. Then I killed her, too.”

Craig looked straight ahead as the bus began the journey.

“Don’t talk to me.” Craig said. “I ain’t no murderer.”

“Ok. Well when you take the life from another human, that’s called ‘murder.’ And the person who kills a person, he is called a ‘murderer.’ Just wanted to let you know that.”

Craig turned around and looked and the prisoner who was quietly laughing.

“What’s your name?” Craig asked.


“I’ll see you around the prison. Right now don’t talk to me. I want to enjoy the last little bit of freedom that I got before gettin locked up.”

Craig leaned his head against the caged window and stared at the world rushing by.

“Whatever.” Texas replied. He was a small yet muscular man with long, brown hair that he had tied back into a pony-tail. He had light blue eyes. So light they almost looked silver. Craig could care less as to who he was however.

After about a hour journey through the Arizona desert, the bus pulled up into the prison. It was a large, gray building with 20 foot fences topped of with razor wire. There were a few inmates walking about. But lots of guards were also patrolling the prison. One of the guards then came into the bus. He was wearing a light brown uniform and shades. He was a little man. Though he was built like a pit-bull. He was dripping with sweat.

“Alright listen up!” He yelled.

“My name is Sgt. Jefferson. I am the warden of this place. I’ve seen everything possible happen in this prison: Rapes, murders, beatings, and 2 riots. I’ve been shot 3 times, and stabbed 5 times. You treat me fair, and I’ll treat you fair. But you fuck with me and I’ll put your asses in solitary so fast, you wouldn’t know what hit you.”

Jefferson caught sight of Craig who was sitting with his eyes closed. He leaned onto the cage that enclosed Craig’s seat.

“Craig? Craig Marduk? Looks like we got ourselfs a celeberity ladies! Boy I used to watch your fights all the time. You were the fuckin man! But don’t think that because you fucked people up many times before gives you power in here. This is my house. You fuck up and you get fucked up. That’s how it is. That’s how is always will be. Now, is there any questions?”

“Yeah. I got one.” Craig looked agitated. “Could you shut the fuck up and let us out this god damned bus? It’s hot as hell here!”

Jefferson laughed and said,

“Would you like some cool water, too? Well here you go.”

Jefferson unzipped his pants and exposed his dick. He then began to urinate on Craig.

“Hahahaha!! That should cool you off!!.” Jefferson squealed.

Craig looked as if he was going to burst a blood vessel. He broke the hand-cuff’s off his wrists and stood up.

“Holy fuck!!” Texas said in amazment.

Craig punched the steel cage breaking it. His hand met Jefferson throat. Craig then slammed Jefferson’s head repeately into the steel mesh. Craig was foaming at the mouth. Sudennly prison guards rushed the bus, and shot Craig with tazer guns knocking him out. Jefferson, however suffered a crushed laranax and a broken nose. He would never be the same. Texas was shocked at Craig’s rage and power. Craig was dragged into the prison by the ankles and thrown into the holding chamber. The guards then said amongst themselfs,

“How are we going to control this one?”

“He’ll be controled. Trust me”


Pearce, Arizona

Craig sat in his cell quietly. He knew that there wasn’t much he could do in order to make time go faster. Images of Amour King’s body played in his mind. Craig didn’t mean to kill Amour King. But his rage inside him made him lose control. While Craig was sitting, a prison guard came up to his cell.

“Marduk.” He said.


“You got some visitors.”

Craig slowly turned his head towards the guard.

“Who is it?”

“Your parents.”

Craig stood up and walked towards the cold steel of the cell bars. He looked down and said,

“I don’t want them to see me like this. I’ve put them through enough shit as it is. I was never the son that they wanted me to be. I was so damn hard headed. Tell them that I don’t want them to see me. Not like this.”

"Suit yourself. Makes no difference to me. " The guard said while walking away.

Craig walked to the small mirror in his cell. He looked at himself for a long while. He began to think of how close he was to his parents. He was thinking about his fight with his father when he told him that he wanted to become a pro Vale Tudo fighter…

“…I don’t want no son of mine to be no fighter. Why don’t you try to put your head in some books? Why do you want to be doing something as dumb as a fighter?”

“…Dad, I want to do this. I ain’t smart enough to go on to college and all that shit…”

“…Boy you watch your mouth! I taught you better than that. I love you to death. But I won’t sit and watch you get your ass kicked all the time on TV.”

“…I’m good though Why do you think that I want to fight?”

“…Why don’t you think of your mother, huh? How many times has she said that she wants you to get a good education? How many times has she said that it would make her so happy if you would go to college and get your degree? You like geology right? You like the desert right? Why do you think that we moved out to Phoenix? If you enrolled in the University, you could get your degree in geology.”

“…I told you that I don’t want to do to no college. That ain’t what I want to do.”

“…Fine. You go on and fight. But do NOT expect me to go to one of your fights and cheer you on…”

“Craig. Hey Craig! Are you alright?”

Craig shook his head, turned around to see who called him. He saw Texas standing there with a worried look on his face. Craig turned on the faucet, splashed water on his face and dried off.

“Yeah. I’m ok. Just thinking about stuff. The hell are you doing here?”

“My cell is the second one down. I got transfered here.”

“Why would you want to come here?”

“Craig, I don’t anyone. I have no family, friends, no one…”

“So you thought that since we talked a bit on the bus, you think that we are buddies, right?”

Texas looked down. He couldn’t have been no more than 19 years old. He was still a kid. Craig walked over to the bars and patted Texas’ shoulder.

“Texas, we are cool. I don’t usually trust no one. But you seem cool enough. You are nothing more than a child and you don’t know shit about shit. But I’ll protect you in here.”

Texas smiled.

“Thanks Craig.”

“Whatever. Now go away. I need to be alone.”


Pearce, Arizona

After sitting in his cell for the better part of an hour, Craig felt that he needed to take his mind off of things. He thought of how he needed to keep his body in good condition. He asked a prison guard if it was ok if he would go out to the weight yard. The guard said that he would have premission to be out of his cell for two hours. Then it was back inside. Craig walked pasts Texas’ cell. Texas saw Craig and spoke.

“Where you going?”

“To the weight yard.”

“Mind if I come along? Or are you in one of your moods.”

Craig noticed something about Texas. If it were any other person talking smart to Craig, he would either walk away, or break their jaw. But something about Texas prevents Craig from losing control.

“I don’t care.” Craig said.

Texas got up out of his bed and walked alongside Craig towards the door leading outside. Craig opened the door. They were greeted with a blast of Arizona heat. Texas took a step back and said,

“Fuck! It’s hot as hell out here. You sure you want to work out NOW? I mean are you afraid of getting a heat stroke or something?”

“No. I’ll be ok. I used to work out in the desert near Phoenix all the time. I’ll be alright.”

Craig and Texas walked out to the center of the blacktop field. There wasn’t many inmates outside. With the tempature reaching over 115 degrees, who could blame them. But there were about 10 guards milling around. Texas was dripping with sweat. Craig saw this and spoke.

“You ok?”

“I’m alright. Just need a drink of water.”

Texas saw a small drinking fountain off by the fence. He walked over to it, and began to drink.

“Awww fuck!!” He cried.


“The water’s fucking hot!”

“What the fuck did you expect? There ain’t no way that you are going to find some cool water out here at this time a day. Use your damn head.”

Craig saw the small brick building off to the side of the blacktop. Craig walked over and read a sign that said “WR.”

“That the place, Craig?” Texas yelled.

“Yeah. C’mon.”

Craig walked in. The weight room was a small, humid room. There was barbells. dumbells, and leg weights.

“Craig, how much can you bench?”

“About 350. 375 on a good day.”

Craig saw a benchpress and he layed down on the bench. Seeing that there was about 250 pounds of weight already on, he began to lift with relative ease. Texas in the meantime was still looking for some water. Finding none, he walked outside. He then ran back in with a worried look on his face.


“What now?”

“Kaleb is coming.”

“Who the fuck is Kaleb?”

All of a sudden, a tall man walked into the weight room. He was tattoed all over his arms. His bald head reflecting the sun. He was build like a brick house. He looked at Texas who was standing near the window. Kaleb smiled a cocky smile. He had a unstable look in his eye.

“Hey baby. Haven’t seen you around. You thought you could leave me? You thought that going to another cell block you could escape me? You cannot leave me. I won’t let you.”

Craig stood up.

“Leave him alone. Or I’ll have to hurt you.” He said stearnly.

“And who is this tall, black man?”

“Don’t worry about who the fuck I am. What you should worry about is what I’m going to do to you if you don’t get the fuck out of here.”

Kaleb laughed. He then walked and stood right in Craig’s face. Kaleb then kissed Craig on the lips. Craig looked stunned.

Texas spoke up.

“Damn. You fucked up Kaleb.”

Craig punched Kaleb in the throat as hard as he possibly could. Craig then grabbed Kaleb’s face and he dragged him outside. He held him high above his head and slammed him to the hard black top. Kaleb screamed in pain.


He then saw the chain fence. He knew that since it was about 115 outside, the fence was much hotter. He dragged him over to the fence and pushed Kaleb’s head into the hot fence and held it there for about 5 minutes. Kaleb screamd for help. Prison guards were running in their direction. For good measure, Craig kneed Kaleb in the stomach. Kaleb’s face had bloody criss-cross marks all over it. The prison guards swarmed all over Craig. Texas was standing in the doorway of the weight room. The gurards led Craig away in handcuffs back inside.

“Jesus Christ.” Texas said. He walked over to Kaleb who was wimpering. Blood was coming out of his mouth. Texas kicked Kaleb in the side of the head knocking him out.

“Fuck you Kaleb. You come near me again, I’ll fuck you up myself.”

Texas then spat on Kaleb.


Pearce, Arizona

After Craig’s fight with Kaleb, he went back into his cell and sat on his bead. He began to think about how it is getting harder and harder for him to control his anger within him. Sure Craig knew that he wasn’t a saint. But he isn’t a monster. Texas came into Craig’s cell only after talking to many prison guards. There has been many prisoners that have wanted Craig dead because he is a very large threat. Also the guards were making sure that Craig would stay out of trouble. Texas stood in the doorway.

“You ok Craig?” Texas asked.

Craig looked at his wrists.

“Damn cops put the cuffs on too tight. What’s up with you and Kaleb? Why you so afraid of him?”

Texas sat down next to Craig. Texas wasn’t a small person by any means. But Craig dwarfed Texas.

“Kaleb is my brother. Well kind of. My mother remarried this asshole of a guy and Kaleb was his son. We never got along at all. We would always get into it. We would always piss each other off. When I was 17, I left home to move to Dallas. Kaleb stayed with my mother and his father. So one day I was at school when the cops came into the classroom. They led me into the principals office and they told me that Kaleb had killed his father and ran away with my mother. They found Kaleb a few months later. But they never found my mother. Everyone thought she was dead. When he came here, my first reaction was to beat the fuck out of him. But he told me that he knows where my mother is. And if I even think of fighting him, he would have her killed.”

Craig was looking at Texas now. Craig rarely looks at people when they talk to him. But something about Texas was different.

“How the fuck can he have her killed if he’s in here?”

“He knows people. It doesn’t take much to contact the outside while in here. All I know is that I hate Kaleb with a passion. But for my mothers sake, I’ll leave him be.”

Craig stood up.

“You know, all the shit you went through, and the fact that you are still in the right state of mind is crazy to me. I’ve seen people who have gone through all sorts of crazy stuff and they are able to hold it all together emonitionally. That’s why I consider you… a friend. I’ll always have your back.”

Craig reached his massive hand and patted Texas’ shoulder.

“Thanks.” Texas said. Texas then walked away smiling.

A few days later, Craig was allowed to be released from his cell. After fighting with Kaleb, Craig couldn’t leave his cell. Craig walked outside to the large open field. It was pouring down rain. The sky was dark and there was flashes of lightning and thunder boomed overhead. Craig looked around before walking to the weight room. He went inside and began to work out. He lifted barbells, did a few curls, and was able to bench-press 350 pounds. He worked on strengthening his legs and he ran 10 miles on the treadmill. All the while there was a prison guard looking at his every movement. Craig sat down on the bench and wiped the sweat from his face. The guard walked over to Craig. Craig didn’t even look at him. The guard was pretty new to the force and wasn’t very smart.

“The fuck you want?” Craig rumbled.

“I…Your Craig Marduk. I watched you fight on TV.”

“Congratulations.” Craig said while standing up. “You want a cookie or something?”

The guard looked up at Craig.

“N…No.” He stammered. “I just want your autograph. For my son.”

Craig rose an eyebrow.

“Fine. But I don’t see what it’s worth. Gotta pen?”

The guard handed Craig a pen and paper.

“Make it out to Mikey.”

“Whatever.” Craig said.

Craig handed the paper back to the guard.

“Thanks. My son is going to freak.”

Craig just walked outside into the rain. He then realized that he hasn’t seen Texas since they talked in his cell. He began to walk back inside. But before he reached the door back inside the prison, he noticed a crowd of inmates standing near the fence. Craig walked over towards them. He then saw a body laying on the wet tarmac. He paid it no mind until he saw the long hair tied in a ponytail. He looked again and saw that it was Texas. His throat was slashed and he had cuts all over his chest and stomach. A tear rolled down the side of Craig’s face. Craig’s heart began to beat harder and harder. He sank to his knees and he began to cry. He got back up and grabbed an inmate and slammed him into the fence.


“I…I don’t know!! I didn’t…(gasp) I didn’t know him!!”

Craig threw the inmate down to the ground. He then noticed that on Texas’ arm there was a message carved into it. Craig read it out loud: “To Craig from K.”


Good storyline you have here