Perfect Raging Demon?

Is there anyone out there that can pull off the hk>RagingDemon combo?
If you are not completly ontop of your opponent and you use hk with akuma you can cancel it while he is still turned around into Raging Demon, making it un-avoidable(comboing it). Ive never seen it in any match vids, or even in a combo vid. Is this becouse its just too hard to pull off in a real match? Or is it just not worth the 2 super bars?

(I can pull it off ) :encore: :encore: :encore:

with that option on you can combo Tatsumaki and Air FBs the lock down is perfect. Parrys wont sotp it either Jump Fireball MK tatsu land LK Tatsu cancle after 1st hit with air FB Land sweep LK Tatsu. . . and so on Its LAME

However the HK RD is not used often because frankly for that much meter its not worth it, the Chip or full blast from 222+Px3(Raising storm wanna be) IS far better. I’ve never seen it full parried in a match and it chips like hell(more then any other move) its a great way to finish the job.

You don’t need System Direction for that. Finish the demon right as he releases the fireball.


You have to be close for the h.k to do a sort of two hit combo to catch your opponents off guard, do it during the first hit, while the foot is going through it, then by the second hit, it should stun then back a little then he’ll slide right up to them and kill them (depending on who it is).

hurrican kick to raging demon

hey yo i was just reading this forum and was wondering if there is a way to to a hurrican kick to raging demon? :xeye: so i try it and yes you can do it :encore: because if they block the hurrican kick u can get them with the raging demon. try it and see if u guys can do it

Akuma can CANCEL ANY of his attacks into Demon. but out of all of them, only far s. roundhouse actually combos into Demon because of it makes your opponent turn around ala Alex’s Flash Chop.

the more useful Demon cancel is the kara one where you see the initial frames of Akuma’s twds + strong overhead.

or you can bait your opponent to parry s. fierce (or s. roundhouse) while he’s in the air. once your opponent parries Akuma’s s. fierce while airborne, cancel into Demon. he’ll have a nice welcome party for him when he lands :lol:.


Ghetto the raging Demon… do a c.rh… if its blocked, cancel into raging demon.

Well i found that using it in to first place is just way to risky, but when i KNOW i can land it, like when im waking up and the opponet is right ontop of me,so you cant even see the inital slide frame of Raging Demon and it just looks as if it a point blank invicable grab. And Kal el is wright, you can cancel practialy any of akumas moves into practally any of his SA’s (including Raging Demon) but the only one that well combo is>Demon, otherwise ANYONE could just jump and make you look stupid.

by raging demon, do you mean shungokusatsu? Thats the L.punch,L.punch,foward,L.kick, H. punch move right? Never been to to street fighter forums, don’t know any terms…


i’m surprised you used Shungokusatsu. most people just refer to the move as Raging Demon. or RD. or just plain Demon. but yeah, they’re one and the same. just different terms.


Just learn how to dash into Raging Demon. Hard to escape.

uhhum navid i have a feeling u learned that from a akuma pro

but ya there are a thousand RD (shun goku satsu) setups out there like whiff cr.rh XX RD, reset dash-in kara RD, cross up land and RD, etc.etc.

far rh xx RD is not very useful so forget about it.

nice, i never thought of that, i’ll try it against jumpers-and-parryers ^^

Unavoidable: Stand distanced from your opponent. If they jump at you, start by crouching and do the two jabs when they’re at the peak of the jump and by the time they’re right above your head, finish the raging demon. No matter what they do, the raging demon will catch them.

Many good baits too. Do any hurrican in their face. If they’re blocking it, have teh RD come out the second you land and if they try to counter, they’ll be caught.

Dash cancel to RD is the best choice I think, but is very difficult until you get the timing down on it perfectly. I still can’t do it =/.

ppl who do you think will a land the SA?

Hugo’s GIGAS or Akuma’s RD saying you’ve done the unavoidable moves?

that’s an exciting moment to see who wins don’t you think? :clap:

If timed right, the Gigas will win…I’ve also been hyper bombed out of raging demon.

I’ve seen hugo’s regular 360 piledriver take out a raging demon headed his way as well.

Any throw can take you out or RD.

If the opponent is Ryu, he can Ex hurricane in the air when hes just about to land. The RD wont connect and Akuma will get hit.

Maybe there are more ways to escape this, but I can only think of that one right now.