Perfectly balanced match ups


which matchups do you think are perfectly balanced or close to perfect.

IMO: guile V ken is an example of a fair and balanced match up.


Cammy vs. Cammy seems pretty even to me. If it’s not 5-5, it’s no worse than 6-4 for sure.


fox news


Dee-Jay v. Bison

'Jay can’t get into tick throws, Bison needs to stay away from the corner.


deejay guile seems pretty balanced too, probably owing to the simularities in their design


I think Honda vs. Boxer is even. I swear that match up comes down to whoever makes the first mistake / who gets the life lead first. I also think Gief vs. Boxer might be even though it never seems that way. It’s really hard for Gief to get in, but Gief can do some serious damage off of one of Boxer’s mistakes.


Maybe its more like 8-2 cammy, pretty much a free win for her. :wgrin:


I think almost any color Ryu mirror match is perfectly balanced. But unfortunately, the Sim mirror match isn’t. Seems like the gray or tan color always seems to win :xeye:


Rog/Honda is 5/5, but Rog/Gief is 6/4 in favor of Gief. Gief has a counter to basically anything Rog can do, which makes it a very difficult matchup for Rog. Fuck that Russian bastard. I hate him moer than any other character on HDR. Gief can burn in hell for all I care.


If it’s very difficult, it’s not 6-4.


Interesting, I feel it’s the other way around. Boxer has a counter for every thing Gief can do. As soon as you take a few steps back at the beginning of the round, Boxer pretty much owns round. Boxer can anti-air any of Gief jump ins with his normals. Boxer can stop Gief from walking in with low rush. I feel Gief has to work to create and opening while all Boxer has to do is sit there and watch.


On the contrary, 6-4 is being lenient. 6-4 is generally the accepted Gief vs. Rog matchup rating, however, a good Gief can easily make this matchup 8-2. I can’t say this match is 7-3, because that is reserved for matchups like Ryu/Honda, or Rog/Fei Long. Either way, Gief is a tough matchup for Rog in general.


You are so wrong man, purple sim is top tier.


Dark gray blanka is OP in the mirror match. He should be banned.



Damdai I main both Ken and Ryu in HDR, and i’ve seen many of your ken matches. I was wondering what are your thoughts on the Ken vs Ryu matchup.


Probably even, with probably a .5 in ryu’s favor


better hado’s, easier time knocking down I’m sure.

Are Ryu’s super cancel’s easier by an chance?


DJ has at least a slight favor he can lock dic in the corner without too much difficulty and da/hs shenanigans aren’t very safe either.

Guile’s fb recovers slightly faster giving him a slight edge.

After receiving some excellent advice from Graham Wolfe and noticing j fierce cleanly stuffs walldive I thought sagat had a slight edge but now I notice claws walking speed (and by extension throw range) and his jump speed make it hard for sagat to dictate the pace of the match so I’d say it’s perfectly even with wither side being able to make a case for which if any side has the .5 advantage.

Dic fei seems pretty even too, sure dic can putpoke fei but withotu a fb and aa outside of st lp or cr hp it’s not that hard for fei to get inside.


Well, ken gets the nod for having a more reliable combo with his super. Ryu’s IIRC whiffs randomly sometimes depending on the character. Ryu’s super is almost always better due to its mindgame approach. However, kneebash is a great setup for ken’s and ken’s super hits on the first frame too.

Ken controls the inside game, but ryu probably controls the long and mid range game better.


since when does xx super miss randomly for ryu?