Performance issue on different monitors


I have been playing Street Fighter IV on two different monitors/computers with different OS, one with Windows XP 32bit and one with Windows Vista 64bit. Im using an old Syncmaster 957 Samsung on the computer with XP and a Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA ( on the Vista OS. The performance on the computer with XP and Syncmaster monitor is flawless. But there is something thats bugging me on the other computer with Vista and Dell Ultrasharp. I get the feeling that the movement of the characters is slightly delayed, and its even worse online. Im not 100% though, it might be something that Im just imagining… Did anyone else experience the same thing with Dellultrasharp or Vista?

The ports are open, and I have framerate on Fixed. Im using the same controller and the same graphic settings on both computers. I have noticed an improvement by turning off V-sync but its so little that I cant be sure about it.

Edit: What is Parallel processing option? Should it be turned off or on?

It might be that Im just imagining these slight delay in movements but I want to know for sure since Im playing on a professional level. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It’s possible you may be experiencing a small input delay on the Ultrasharp. Even the best LCD monitors have a hint of input delay that is noticeable if you are switching over from a CRT.