Performance of a song that is on a mix tape that is about to drop in conjunction with

performance of a song that is on a mix tape that is about to drop in conjunction with the release of the game. (marvel)


bad, just bad

well they tried… lol

that shit is dope

“For the new Capcom vs Marvel game…”




switch it the sf4 lobby music ftw

I guess none of y’all have heard of Living Legends. Where my hip hop heads at?

1 star. 'nuff said.

I happen to like it. Keeping the jazz and this on.

Grouch and Eligh are the shit but I wasnt feeling it. I might need to listen to it more so it grows

Seems odd for a song that slow to be associated with MvC2.

this song is pretty sick just a bit lost…

Actually, I think a lot of the songs that are going to be on the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 mixtape are from underground/semi-underground hip hop artists, including Talib Kweli, Qbert, Hieroglyphics, Grouch & Eligh, Planet Asia, Supernatural, as well as mainstream rappers, like E-40 and Raekwon.

I guess they wanted something different from, “I Want to Take U for a Ride.” I love hip hop, so I’m not complaining.

it aint that bad…

Living Legends are too sick, dope

That being said this wasn’t the best song, but it was good.

I’ts not bad at all, IMO.

5 stars, nuff said.

His shirt says

“Sell Beats
No Drugs”

It should be
Not Drugs

lol i just played with you online in blazblue.

I thought you were going to post this

Oh yeah now I remember, lol.

ggs :bgrin: