Performance Question: JP sticks vs. Bats (About SFIII and charge characters)

Hey guys, I figured that I should bring my frustrations here as you all very well may be the most technically savvy posters in SRKdom.

Here’s the rundown.

I play SFIII:3s and am having trouble at my local arcade when it comes to charge partitioning*. I play Urien and it is imparitive that I be able to use this technique so that my game can be at s’best. At home, I use an HRAP2 (not yet modded) and the local arcade uses HAPP Perfect 360s. On the HRAP, I don’t really ‘ave any issues partitioning but honestly, over the last half a year, I’ve not been able to do it consistantly on the HAPP 360 sticks. So, is there a difference in which the two sticks register inputs to where partitioning would be more difficult/touchy on one compared to the other? Maybe there’s a possibility that I’m jus’ finding it easier on the JP style stick due to the (seemingly) shorter throw. Could the HAPP 'ave a larger deadzone?

Any thoughts or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

*Charge Partitioning: Taking a move that requires charge time (Ie:Sonic boom, flash kick, etc) and breaking up the charge into equal parts. This allows you to effectively charge while doing other multiple actions (dashing, attacking, etc) and still allowing you to do the move in the end. EX:

Hmmm, still no input? Ha.

I’ve taken that well into account. You could very well be right, though, that jus’ means I play better on a JP stick as 98% of my gaming is done at that damn arcade. Heh. Anyway, thanks for the input, I"ll wait around to see if anyone else has any more theories.

the reason no body has given you input is because what your asking is redudant
if you had read up on sanwas and happs you’d already have your answer

its a matter of getting used to both

… so asking questions is a bad thing. Got it. Instead of turning to fellow posters in the future, I’ll keep my mouth shut and research things instead…

Yah, I s’pose. I’ll keep on practicin’.

no asking a question that if you chose to read a bit just a couple lines. maybe 2-3 sentences you wouldnt have to make a new thread and save time

might as well go open a thread in the 3rd strike board that you think theres a difference between ryu and ken…opinions?

basically yes sanwas have shorter deadzones and activations
happs have a longer throw
more ump to hit a switch.