Performing dragon punch in combos

So, I wouldn’t consider myself a newbie but this has been plaguing me since games with supers have been around (a long time).

I’m a pad player, and i’m having trouble consistently (100% accuracy, like anything else) getting only DP-esque moves to come out at the end of a CROUCHING STATE combo, instead of super or the move itself + super (even if I only press the button once)

A good example of this, is with Cammy. I cannot perform cr. MP x2 into Cannon Spike without risking getting super or both, this is obviously not optimal. I can do them from standing no problem, but if im starting in crouch state, even if the input looks fine on key data, im getting super.

How do I stop this? I am sure there are pad players that rock DP characters that can help with some tricks/shortcuts.

edit - misunderstood

on stick, im able to use the “Down-forward twice” shortcut pretty well. i hold down-forward while doing the MP’s then move the stick to the opposite direction while holding down, and then back again to finish the motion. cr.MP twice into Cannon Spike is important because if it kills it’s the optimal option.

It’s just used as an example. regardless of it being useful or not I want to have complete control of my character at all times, and that’s where it is frustrating.

Hi I’m new here and to SF in general but I think I read someone having your same issue somewhere and I think he finally pulled it off consistently by crouching in a certain way. I mean I’m not sure if he first was crouching neutral.defensive,or crouching forward but he changed one of those for these types of combos and it fixed it. Good luck bro!

Use the dp shortcut.
Put your finger on df, slide to d, back to df, then punch.
Make absolutely sure, that you end that motion in df!
If you hit forward as last input you always blow the super.

Makes it a shitload easier but you still have to practice it a lot. Good way to practice it is to first do it isolated, then go for>cr.lp xx hp srk with Ryu.
That’s a low hit confirm you need anyways (if you play Ryu) since it makes your offense so much less predictable and it makes your shortcut dragon punch much more reliable for anti airing.

@goonwild Forget what I said, I misunderstood. I had cr. MP xx DP xx CA on my mind for some reason. That’s why I said “press forward first”. Sorry.

Using the shortcut for the dragonpunch motion is the most effective way to get it out on a controller.
df, d, df + punch/kick is the shortcut. The MOST important aspect of getting out a dragon punch without getting super, regardless if you use the shortcut or not, is ending in downforward and to HOLD it there.
This way it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a super.

I still advice you to learn the the regular way as it can help in other games which don’t have these shortcuts.

Can we not teach people to have sloppy execution?

What do you mean?

df, d, df + P will only give you a DP in a game that has that shortcut. If you ever want to branch out to other games that don’t have such a shortcut for DPs, then you’ll end up having to correct your muscle memory for performing DPs. Whereas if you’d learn to perform the proper input consistently, than such things wouldn’t be an issue.

The reason so called “short cut” is there is because the developers put it there to allow you to dp from a crouching position and not have to go into a standing state. If you are given a tool use it, regardless if other games do not. When you play the other game then you don’t have that tool. No big deal. thats not bad execution to play the game as it was programed. That is like ripping on a Gief player who shimmies back and forth then taps down-up to get a SPD instead of doing a full circle.