Performing ex attacks with arcade stick TE... help!


Im using an arcade stick Tournament Edition… and having problems performing an ex hurrciane/shoryuken after crouch medium kick with ken/ryu. What buttons should I use for this? Im pushing B button for crouch medium kick then B+RT but mostly luck if I manage to pull it off. What should I use? and what fingers should I use for this? do people use the extra black buttons? LT LB?

any help is greatly appreciated,

Any 2 kick buttons at the same time. For most people, LK+MK is easiest but that’s preference only. using the macro button is not something you want to get used to as it’s very hard to break that habit.
If you ever go to a tourney, it’s really frowned upon to use 3K or 3P button (not banned though, AFAIK)

press two buttons at once… how is this hard?

I play sakura, and I use mk+hk for her ex shunpu because if I don’t quite have a full ex stock, I’d rather hk shunpu came out instead of mk.

press lk+mk for crouch mk, then press the same lk+mk again for ex hurricane?

If you’re new to a stick it’ll take sometime to get used to doing QC movements on a squaregate. Try using LK MK for EX hurricane.

Which fingers are pressing which buttons? You are probably making it harder for no reason, which is probably the reason why you are asking how to do it.

Playing with an arcade stick is pretty much like typing on a keyboard. You can use a lot of different finger setups and they ALL work. For example, a couple months ago, someone commented that I wasn’t using my thumb to do some of the stuff like throw teching. I actually use my index and middle finger to do it. I wouldn’t say that I’m doing it wrong, but he probably had a point. Anyway, I hope you get where I was going with that.

i use all 3 buttons for EX moves. cuz yea… it works

Use whatever two buttons are the most comfortable to you. You just need to practice.

Also, if you’re new to using a stick, check out this post: