Perma loose fighstick?

I tightened my fightstick a few months ago, and it worked like it should, but it became loose recently so I decided to tighten it again. I pulled on the spring like before, but now it’s not getting any tighter. Why, and is there anything I can do about this?

By “tightening your fightstick”, do you mean that you opened up your stick, put a flathead screwdriver on the bottom, and tighten the ball top by hand?

The springs worn. Buy a new spring

It could also be the pivot cup. JLFs seem to go through them relatively quickly in my experience (maybe because I use low quality lube?). They’re less than a buck a pop from Focus Attack though so I usually throw in a handful on every order and change mine every other month or so.

For the most part Sanwa and Seimtsu uses the same lubricant

Stretching the spring to tighten it damages the spring.
If you want a tighter feel, I’d recommend a different spring altogether.

I use a JLF spring wound together with an LS-33 spring, but there are other options depending on how tight or lose you want it to be.

I suggest buying various springs, since they are already cheap and trying each spring or combination of springs works the best for you.

Right, the DOW Molycoat stuff? (Can’t remember the exact one off the top of my head) I’ve been using silicone I got at ACE Hardware as I had it on hand already. It works well enough, just doesn’t seem to have the longevity. In any case the cups are the same price as springs on Focus Attack, couldn’t hurt to grab one too and see if it helps - it’ll definitely lessen any deadzone wobble.

Dstryr, didn’t we have the “spring vs pivot cup” conversation recently?

Sanwa and Seimtsu uses Shin-Etsu G-40M , often use in Honda automobiles. Dow Molycott 44 is made by a US firm that has the same Mil specs.
Watch out for the el-chepo stuff at the local hardware store.

This 1oz container of Dow Molykote 44 has lubed my stick as well as many a friend’s stick. More than enough lube for an individual.

Try the LS32 spring. Next step up from stock JLF and it’s cheap.

Alright guys, so I bought an JLF, LS-33, and LS55. The problem is, neither the 33 nor the 55 fit into the JLF. The LS-33 fits in the 55 though… I’m trying to put it inside like shown in this video.

Edit Actually I’m not even sure which spring is which anymore. They all came in the same bag unlabeled.

I was lucky to nab the large 15 oz tube of Dow Molykote 44 Lizard Lick used to sell back when they were good.

From left to right: Sanwa JLF || Seimitsu LS-33 || LS-55 || LS-32

You basically have to wind them together.
I’ve never springmodded with an LS-32 spring, but I have done it with a JLF and a 33 and a JLF and a 55. The Seimetsu spring will be a little compressed, but they will eventually fit together.

Damn guys, all this talk of tighter springs and no one mentioned Paradise Arcade’s custom springs?

Why even suggest putting 2 springs in a stick anymore, all that extra friction isn’t very nice.

Didn’t know such a product existed. I need those in my life.

Thanks everyone, I put two of the springs together and it seems to be okay. I’m not exactly sure how tight it should be, so I’m not sure if my joystick is actually broken or not, but it is tighter.

Also, about those custom springs, I’m assuming using the heavier ones lead to the joystick being harder to move? I’ll try to get those next time.