Perris Library, SoCal SSF4 Tournament Wednesday Nov. 17

Starts at 4 pm. Being held at the Perris Library: 163 East San Jacinto, Perris Ca. For info call (951) 657-2358. Prizes will be gift cards for 1st and 2nd place, no prize for third. Xbox 360 version. Default Xbox controllers provided, but you can bring your own sticks and controllers. Auto fire or other cheating devices not allowed.

what is the cost for entry and what not? and how many spots are available?

No charge for entry. It’s actually my friend that is setting this up, and he hasn’t mentioned any limits on available spots. So I’m guessing it’s first come, first served. Or you could call the number provided and ask.

hmm maybe ill come just to play sounds fun haha

thats what im talking about. i work in moval/perris boarder and i get out around 2, so it sounds like a perfect after work activity. ill call said number thx.

I should note that the guy organizing this is the actual Branch Manager of the library. The ACTUAL BOSS of the library. He’s an avid gamer and likes setting up gaming events. He has held some Super Smash Bros. Brawl tourneys there in the past.

But at the same time, he IS still new to the whole tournament organizing thing, so if any of you that go have any suggestions for him to make his tourneys run smoother in the future, he would appreciate the input.

If I come, would I be able to borrow a 360 stick from someone? Only have a ps3 stick at the moment.

So how is this tourney gana work? If you can give me more details i might show up

Uryuu: It is dependent on if anyone else showing up with 360 stick is willing to let you use theirs.

Toon Myth: Could you be more specific? I can try to answer your question, but I can tell you right now that you’re probably better off calling the number I provided and asking the tourney organizer himself. I’m not the tourney organizer, but the head of the library that this will be held at is and he can answer just about any of your questions better than I can.

This has got to be the most nearest tournament I’'ll be going to: 5 minutes away from my place! I’ll be going for sure.

Ok. Is anyone that is going willing to let me use their stick? That is reading this thread, I mean. Would be greatly appreciated. =)

@ IronDD: I think he means, what is the tournament format? But I may be wrong.

You know…I’m not sure. That is definitely a question you should call for. I’m thinking it’s single elimination, but I’m not 100%.

What kinda gift cards library lol?

Heh, heh…library gift cards. I’m not sure about that either. I’ll try and get that info from the tourney runner, or you can give the provided number a call.

What he said
I also need a stick for the Xbox i only got a stick 4 the PS3


I ended up just getting a 360 round 2 fight stick, so you can use mine, TooN_MytH.

Alright thnks ill see u guys there
How long will this last?

Not sure myself, called the number listed and she just essentially told me what was in the op. Didn’t say if it was double elim (I assume it is) or anything else really besides the start time.

And about the stick, it was ordered with 5-7 buisness day ground shipping on Saturday, so I’m hoping it will arrive before this event takes place.

its a girl?
i nvr called the #