Person falls into seizure, dog protects person, dog gets shot (video)


Kind of a tricky situation, but I personally felt like they went about this the wrong way. So, normally when trying to save someone’s life, you have to control the situation. So I guess shooting the dog was the way in “controlling the situation”, but after they shot the dog… they didn’t do anything.

I’m a person who is epileptic and I help raise dogs/wolves during my life, and yes there has been times I’ve passed out while treating these animals. And I’ll tell you, when I have passed out, they go into super ultra protective mode. Even when the animal isn’t trained, they’ll do anything they can to protect you. But in a situation like this, it’s actually easy to provoke an untrained animal away from the owner and help the person out.

My problem with this situation is, not so much that they were too hasty in shooting the dog, but after shooting the dog, they did nothing to help the person. Now, I can understand not being too educated about animals, that’s fine (I mean, why would you, lol), but as an officer you should know the dangers of a person when they go under a seizure. For them to lay on their back like that can kill them (need to place them on their sides so they don’t swallow their tongue).

Overall, a lot of poor choices. I dunno.


this is the second or third thread about a dog getting shot this year.

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Fuck up.


Not a good year to be a dog.


The seizure is lucky they didn’t taser him after they shot the dog.


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Another dumb thread about another dumb story… How about making a thread about the south african platinum miners that got mowed down by police because all they wanted was a living wage…


2.5 boners on my horror-boner o’nometer. Mostly for the hysterical wailing in the background.
Dog takes a run at a cop, gets shot for it. Big surprise…

I find it curious that they can’t find the owner. Maybe he was homeless and he didn’t have medical insurance, so they already made him into soylent green or something. Providing the dog lives, I’m willing to bump the score up to 4.5 boners for the terrifying irony.


Agreed, stupid thread. Give me something I can’t find on yahoo, wshh, or whatever


They should have definately helped the guy afterwards but the dog is a tircky situation, at the end of the day, no matter what it’s intentions it is a potentially dangerous hazard between a person having a fit and getting first aid to him and considering that a person can die in a matter of minutes if his or her air ways are clogged, you can’t exactly go ring up a dog handler to get there in time.

That and the dog was blatently going for the guy who shot it, what is the cop supposed to just let himself get mauled because dogs are pets?

What is disgusting though is that after the dog was shot the guy was just left there on his back with no-one seeming to be in any rush to attend to him, all it takes is for the tongue to be in the wrong place for a few minutes (isn’t it around 3?) while unconscious and you’re a gonner.


Actually though you’d be the one to answer this. WTF were the police doing out there? I could understand if the EMTs were right there with first-aid in hand ready to help, but that wasn’t the case. They shot the dog and then stood around with their thumbs up their asses for at least 5 min. If that’s the case why approach at all? The dog wasn’t going to do anything but protect its owner, so why provoke the situation by approaching the guy if they weren’t going to assist? Maybe by the time the EMTs/Animal Control showed up he’d have recovered. Why not mace/pepper spray from a distance, or a taser?


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I don’t think a story about the glaring incompetence of a force tasked with protecting our civil liberties is dumb, but, if you want to be Edgy the Edgemaster, go ahead.

Also, no coldness towards Africa,but can we take care of our own shit first?


Dumb thread.

You call 911 for help, popo’s usually first in line to arrive, they try to secure the scene as best they can, if the dog isn’t aggressive then don’t do shit to provoke it, if the dog is aggressive then do what you have to.

Anyway, you spray or taze the dog and piss it off more then it attacks more random people, now what do you have?

I blame all this on that dumb bitch who moved towards the owner. She knew nothing can be done for dude, she knew animal control was coming, she fucked up.


Uhhh, they shot the fierce beast and cleared the way for the EMT people. It’s not like they are Doctors/Firemen/EMT and have the proper knowledge and/or equipment to treat the fallen dude. They’re just dopey cops.


Every second counts… it would’ve wasted more time if they waited until the EMT people got there and then had to think of a plan to take care of the dog…

Dogs have litters, get a new one imo…

Seriously, if people care that much about a dog over my life, I guess I am not getting one after all…

My heart ends up stopping or something, and niggas are tryna think of how to save the dog’s life…

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Oh, big surprise, cops shoot a pit bull that was acting aggressively towards them. All I can say is this shit wouldn’t have happened if it was a regular mutt or a lab. Everybody wants a dog whose breed has a bad rep, then is somehow surprised when something like this happens.


I was waiting for this to get posted up. That Back dash into samurai edge low shot really fucked Amaterasu up.


19 people were killed today in an ongoing conflict that has racked up a body count of over 20,000 people and counting.

Therefore, your news story is dumb and you’re wasting everybody’s time by posting about it.