Persona 4 Arena EU release date finally revealed!


I guess the game is pretty much dead on this forum, but I thought posting this wouldn’t hurt anyone:

Still disappointed that it took them so long, but I’m happy to see that they’ve finally made some progress. One can only hope that it wont have a full price, and if it has, then they could at least include some sweet extra content for us. (no, a soundtrack ain’t enough)


They should be offering free crash course for European players who want to play this thing at EVO.


Lol yeah, I really feel sorry for the competitive EU players out there. There’s practically no chance for them to stand up to others, as long as you haven’t been living in Japan for the past year or so. :> (I know some have)

Oh well, I’m happy as long as there’s a solid online community for the game (pretty much the only community here), but even that might be a bit too much asked.