Persona 4 arena eu release date RANT!


What a joke.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
How can they expect the eu consumers to be fine with this crap!?
They can be as apologetic as they want but this is absolutly unacceptable.
Surely porting this from NTSC to PAL isn’t that f****ng hard?!
How is this considered as good business practice.


Shut up and wait for the game. It will come, you will enjoy it, and you will forget about why you bitched in the first place. Give it time and go play outside.

Edit: However, I do agree with the region locking making this increasingly more difficult to obtain. In that case, bummer.


You’ve got the game I assume…
I know I’ll enjoy it persona 3/4 are my favorite games of all-time.
Enjoying it is not the issue, it’s the fact that we have to wait god knows how long until we can even get our hands on it while Japan have had it for months and the US have already got 3weeks ahead of the EU.
It’s just ridiculous.
They still can’t even give a date.
The whole point of this venture was to introduce people to persona AND introduce the RPG fan to the FGC.
How can they believe this is acceptable to make the eu wait?!
Especially after the whole region locking fiasco.


Looking at BlazBlue on wikipedia, the EU release was like 10 months after the US release. I hope it’s going to be considerably shorter for P4A lol… More people playing this game is always good.


I do have the game. But the delays being “unacceptable” is unfortuantly a reality. Unacceptable is Capcom’s bullshit with SF x T. Delays happen, all you can do is wait. At least you know by the end of it you are getting a great product.


No australian release date yet either, so im guessing this effects it for us too. sigh.


Yeah screwed over again…
I understand all the languages in the eu but surely it’d be better for a global release, as in dnt release it anywhere until fully complete
You’d think after the whole sfxt bad publicity they’d speed this up, hell there shouldn’t be anything to speed up!
They shouldnt be thinning the crowd like this. This is not good marketing.
This is bulls**t!!


Lol at telling OP to shut up. The delay on bb made me not get that and I’ll probably only get this until it’s for less than 15 euros. This game will be dead by the time it’s released cuz everyone will be getting ttt, doa or gg.


TTT and DOA I don’t see taking that many players tbh. There’s a certain crowd for 2d n 3d and are both very different games, but I can understand the GG comment but let’s not forget the learning curve for GG and P4. GG is VERY VERY hard to get into at this stage. Il love it. (Potemkin player) but I highly doubt a player with some success on p4 will go to GG AND and appreciate as much due to the difficulty
Anyway even though I’m super pissed at the release date not being confirmed yet don’t start being negative to the game…we need this a EVO;)


Just spoke to my local game retailer and the game didn’t show up today;(
What makes it even worse is he rang the suppliers and they stated that the release will be 2013…
Fingers crossed he was trolling me but if this is the case, I give in…


that’ll be the eu release I bet. so unless you see something there and/or on the p4a-europe facebook page ( - don’t listen to any rumors. again, retailers are a VERY VERY VERY bad unreliable source for release dates.


My guess is that we Europeans will get it 5-6 months from now.