Persona 4 Arena newbie

Thinking about switching my main for a higher tier character but is that such a good idea?

Currently playing Labrys and changing to either Aki or Mitsu

Try playing them first and see if you like them, you shouldn’t pick a main only because they’re high tier. Play a character you enjoy, and you will have a much better time with the game.

The game is balanced enough that tiers don’t really mean much. Just play who you like.

I’ve played them and i enjoy Mitsu the most. I only play Lab cause it was easy to get 4k dmg

You’re a Chie player. I’m not saying your viewpoint is wrong, but the person playing S tier doesn’t see the game the same way as the player using B tier.

Picking a higher tier character isn’t a bad idea, but if you don’t enjoy playing them it won’t work. And if you’re not using your low tier character to the fullest extent possible, your character’s not the thing holding you back.

You’re not tied to Labrys just because you’ve played her in the past. However, playing other characters is probably going to be harder than you think. You’ll likely gain more respect for Mitsuru players by playing Mitsuru.

It can’t hurt to try a higher tier character, but it’s nowhere near a magic bullet for whatever problems you’re facing.

First off, there’s no S-tier in P4A. It’s probably the most balanced fighting game at the moment, aside from perhaps KoF13. There is an A tier of five characters, and everyone else is B tier. You can argue for a B+ and B- among that tier, but that’s stretching it. In Japan, every character wins.

Secondly, your assessment isn’t exactly true. As a Chie player, I get blown up by Labrys players if they’re better than I am, even though my character is higher tier. The fact that I’m playing the best character doesn’t really skew my judgment on what’s viable, I have a good understanding of the matchups in the game, and I also play Naoto and Kanji (who I do better with than my main), but the reason I stick with Chie is because I like her the best. That should really be the only criteria for picking a character in any balanced game.

The reason I lost interst in Lab is cause he combos seem kinda repetative and she only gets real good with yellow or red axe. Now im not saying I’ll leave her alone forever but right now I need some ice in my life.

from the dude with a chie avatar

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you have a good reason to be in newbie saikyo dojo i just think you should be the one asking questions not answering them

That’s constructive of you, but until you post something intelligent to counter what I said, I’ll go on believing the same things that everyone else who actually plays this game does.