Persona 4 arena on Xbox or Playstation?


Hey I was just wondering if Persona 4 arena online play is dead on ps3? I find at peak times on the 360 I can find a few player lobbies but hardly anybody on ranked. I reside in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I was just wondering if the online community for ps3 is much greater? If so I will purchase one, as I would like to hone my skills for Utimax ahah. I miss the thriving online community. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you ^.^


There are very few players in ranked on PSN but there tend to be a good amount of player rooms. There’s a small group at dustloop for players just learning the game or getting back into it.


Thanks. How many player rooms are usually open on peak times?


I think it’s usually 8-10 with about 4 people per room. That’s on a week night. I haven’t checked on the weekend. I’ll post something up tomorrow.


Alright cool man. Thanks again nilcam!


After watching for a few days, I wouldn’t recommend buying a system for the game. It’s either feast or famine. I’d just wait for the new game which will spark some more interest, likely on both platforms.